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We Have the Talent in Greater New Orleans

GNO, Inc. recognizes that the economic growth of our region and its businesses depends upon the strength of our qualified labor pipeline. We continue to build and develop innovative programming and resources to help create economic mobility for our residents as they build careers in our local companies.

Find the Talent you need in Greater New Orleans

Greater New Orleans has a proud legacy in developing a strong workforce in skilled trades and manufacturing. Innovation around space and energy exploration, as well as transformative solutions to environmental challenges have all taken place in Greater New Orleans due to the strong workforce and companies in the region. These advancements continue to drive our economy, as our expertise and products are exported around the world.

At GNO, Inc., we are developing demand-driven programs to help meet the needs of our employers.  Through our tools and resources like GNOCareerGuide.org, WorkNOLA.com, and demand-driven workforce initiative, GNOu, the region cultivates an ecosystem that connects industry, higher education, and local talent to the jobs of today and tomorrow. GNO Inc.’s GNOu programs are seen as “A Triple Win”—companies receive the employees they need, higher education partners receive market-relevant curriculums for their students, and residents are better equipped for high-demand jobs in the region.


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