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Music Industry Career Development University Program (MIC’D UP)

The New Orleans Music Economy (NOME) initiative, designed by Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO, Inc.), builds on New Orleans’ reputation as America’s premier music city. Through the development of a thriving music economy that provides jobs and wealth for musicians, IP managers, publishers, marketers, legal representatives, and all aspects of the business of music, METRONOME opens opportunities for New Orleans to capture the value of its musical culture – and re-invest it at home.

Entering the music industry is extremely challenging, and while New Orleans has a deep pool of music talent, our regional music ecosystem lacks the ability to absorb our music sector graduates. These graduates must move on to more mature markets like L.A., Nashville, and New York to gain “real world” experience and grow their careers. Directly related, our artists are often pushed to these other markets to access management representation.

The Music Industry Career Development University Program (MIC’D UP) helps solve this dilemma by providing turnkey solutions to talent development in Greater New Orleans.

The program goals include:

  • Music sector graduates gain access to critical entry-level experience opportunities
  • Local management companies benefit from available labor, and the opportunity to grow artist portfolios
  • Local management companies gain capacity to diversify artist portfolios and attract artists from outside our immediate market
  • Artists have more access to local representation, creating a higher probability of long-term, sustained management


MIC'D UP Model

The Music Industry Career Development University Program (MIC’D UP) model will follow the GNO, Inc. “GNOu” approach, connecting local Artists Management companies with talent cultivated from our region’s higher education partners. GNO, Inc. will work with industry and higher education partners to facilitate curriculum topics, structure, and funding sources to sustain the program.

The model approach for the program is as follows:

  • GNO, Inc. will facilitate roundtables between higher education and industry partners to build curriculum for apprenticeship program
  • Candidates will apply to partner companies during their senior year
  • Selected participants will work with their respective companies to build networks and gain real world experience, while also completing course work
  • At completion, apprentices have a number of potential options, including continuing on with their respective employers as mutually agreed, or entering the job market

MIC'D UP Application

Applications are now closed for 2024.

MIC'D UP Companies & Fellowship Details

Second Line Arts Collective
Founded in 2016, Second Line Arts Collective is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides music education programming from recess to record deals. We address two gaps in music instruction: early music education and music business/career sustainability. We inspire a love of music and move musicians to the center of the economic power structure by establishing a tight-knit community of artists and industry professionals.
Fellowship Details

PS Business Management
PS Business Management is a premier full-service business management firm with offices in New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Nashville, and specializing in servicing clients in the entertainment world. We have built an industry-leading team of more than 80 dedicated professionals whose backgrounds include experience at major tax, accounting, and financial firms as well as knowledge from all corners of the entertainment industry. The diverse nature of our team’s experience combined with our personalized and passionate approach provides us with a unique perspective from which to advise our clients on their personal and professional financial needs.
Fellowship Details

MidCitizen Entertainment
MidCitizen Entertainment is an independently owned and operated artist services firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana. MidCitizen helps craft unique paths to success for each one of our artists, providing them with resources and ideas to help create fulfilling and sustainable careers. We represent artists who truly inspire us; artists who stand for something bigger than themselves; artists that empower the culture and community surrounding them. Our mission as an organization is to embody the diversity, passion, and creativity of the city we will always call home.
Fellowship Details

Glbl Wrmng
glbl wrmng is a collective of New Orleans native and/or based creatives ranging from songwriters, lawyers, producers, visual and performing artists, publishers, singers, musicians, emcees, engineers, managers, photographers, activists, curators, and much more. The collective aims to produce a series of collaborative projects, music recordings, and workshops that not only foster a spirit of collaboration and unity amongst the young hip hop, visual artist, and music business community, but also as a catalyst for artist development, music business incubation, and education on key areas of the music business such as artist sustainability, licensing, and publishing.
Fellowship Details

Gentilly Agency
The Gentilly Agency is a creative services company. We work with artists to help them fill gaps in their organization and maximize their potential through strategy, direction, management, marketing, and production. We operate in front of the camera and behind the curtain of the music industry where the business happens. Our goal is for creatives to become the best versions of themselves and then help them to monetize their creations. Fellows can expect to be exposed to all aspects of the creative process, bringing an idea from conception to market.
Fellowship Details

Moonrise Entertainment
Moonrise Entertainment is a Music, Media, Live Production Company.   Whether is artist management or live production, Moonrise Entertainment provides the best services for all your entertainment needs.  Moonrise Entertainment manages several musical artists and produces a wide range of media productions ranging from live events to tv shows.  Moonrise Entertainment also specializes in Music and Live Performance Production. Fellowship Details