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Workforce in New Orleans

The Greater New Orleans region is home to a talented and experienced workforce, as demonstrated by the continued success of major companies in the area. The area’s history of work in supply chain and logistics, manufacturing, and energy industries have created an environment for technical expertise to thrive, while emerging industries such as technology and health sciences have provided new opportunities for trained professionals.

Our strong universities and robust technical college systems work closely with industry to prepare our region’s graduates with the right skills and talent to match the needs of local businesses.

Adding to our strong, local workforce, New Orleans is one of the most attractive metro areas for relocation. Over the last several years, the region has seen success in recruiting educated professionals, and we continue to make this a priority through assets like DestinationGNO.org.

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A Desired Destination for Skilled Professionals

New Orleans is attracting high-quality talent to the market and placing them into jobs with reputable companies in the region

New Orleans is attracting high-quality talent to the market and placing them into jobs with reputable companies in the region

A recent rise in business activity in Greater New Orleans, especially in the technology sector, has made the region one of the most sought-after locations for relocation. This workforce includes experienced professionals and veteran entrepreneurs, including New Orleans natives who left in the 1980s and 1990s to build careers elsewhere and have returned to their hometown.

Successful people are choosing to come to New Orleans as a practical decision, based on the conviction that New Orleans has become a center of opportunity. The attractiveness comes from two main factors: this is a place where business thrives, and it is a city where people want to be.

A quick glance at U.S. Census numbers show that new residents to the Greater New Orleans region are coming from across the entire nation: the Midwest, East Coast, West Coast, and other cities across the South.

A System to Train Tomorrow’s Workers

Colleges and universities in Greater New Orleans are adapting to the needs of local industry and creating programs that train workers based on business demand.

There are 13 colleges and universities located in Greater New Orleans, a blend of public and private schools that provide certifications and degrees in a wide range of specialties.

Higher education has long been a strong asset for the region, but in recent years these institutions have brought significant impact for the local business climate. As the economy has diversified, these schools have responded to the changing ecosystem with new programs that ensure students enter the workforce with skills that match the needs of employers.

GNO, Inc. has played a role in helping the higher education system adapt, through focused workforce development initiatives such as GNOu. Additionally, our team has developed the Greater New Orleans Career Guide to help high school students and parents find the right training resources for careers that match their skills and interests.



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