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A Triple Win for Greater New Orleans Region

The long-term success of the Greater New Orleans region is predicated on our ability to expand and sustain a skilled workforce available to our region’s growing industry sectors. GNO Inc. serves as a workforce development intermediary, connecting employers to education and training providers to produce industry-relevant programming and curricula.

GNOu cultivates demand-driven workforce development. Partnerships are coordinated by GNO, Inc. for the benefit of employers, higher education, and students. GNOu is a “triple win” for the region. Companies receive the employees they need, higher education partners receive market-relevant curriculums for their students, and residents are better equipped for high-demand jobs in the region. Click here to download information about the GNOu platform.

GNOu Examples

Cloud ComputingAmazonAll LTCTS schools
Mechatronics Laitram/Zatarain’s/Elmer ChocolateDelgado/Nunez/NTCC
Cyber SecurityBellwether, Commtech, Geocent, Iberia, LiquidXTulane
Water ManagementGCR Inc., Palmisano, POND, Aptim, ConcordiaDillard
Health SciencesUMC, Ochsner, Humana, Aetna, 504HealthNetLSU

Business and Higher Education Come Together

GNOu’s demand-driven curriculum creation is attractive to industry in the Greater New Orleans region

The GNOu platform creates a strong ecosystem between the regions higher education institutions and industry partners. A few examples cultivated through GNOu include:

  • Mechatronics Apprenticeship Program – An unprecedented partnership, three companies and three two-year colleges – Laitram, McCormick, Elmer Chocolate, Delgado Community College, Northshore Technical Community College and Nunez Community College – have come together to develop a pilot mechatronics apprenticeship program as a way to address the shortage of mechatronics workers in advanced manufacturing jobs. Click here to download information about the program.
  • Amazon Web Services and Louisiana Community and Technical College System Collaborative Training Program – John Bel Edwards, in conjunction with GNO, Inc. and the Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS), collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to unlock new opportunities in cloud computing across the state of Louisiana. As part of the collaboration, each of the 12 LCTCS colleges will implement AWS Educate, AWS’s global effort to support cloud learning for students and faculty across the world.

Curriculum Development to Meet University Growth

Through research, analysis, and industry outreach, GNO, Inc. produces signature products to help shape curriculum, designed to bring sustainable growth for both industry and higher ed partners

GNO Inc. provides research and industry insight that will provide growth opportunities for higher education driven approach. A few examples include: