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Human Capital Services

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Finding the right talent for your business

We understand the key to growing your business is finding and growing the right talent.  At GNO, Inc., we have developed customized programming and resources to assist with the needs of business.  We have a dedicated Human Capital Manager who works with companies in numerous capacities around talent recruitment.  Whether assisting in onboarding talent into the New Orleans market or developing talent pipelines with our higher education partners, it is a focused effort to retain and attract talent to Greater New Orleans.  Our Workforce Development team also works directly with companies and higher education partners to develop customized and demand-driven curriculum and pathways that can provide graduates with job opportunities that align with the needs of our companies.

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GNO, Inc. Human Capital Services

Here to help with talent and workforce development needs

GNO, Inc. serves as a free “concierge” services provider for your business. Our experienced staff can answer questions, connect you to resources, and help you find the best solution for your talent and workforce development needs:

  • Talent pipeline connections with higher education and nonprofit partners
  • New employee orientation assistance and acclimation services
  • Quality of life tours for key positions (neighborhoods, schools)
  • Trailing spouse employment assistance
  • Service provider and other needed referrals
  • Research and access to workforce data
  • Identifying industry liaisons for workforce development initiatives
  • Local, state, and federal policy support

Demand-Driven Workforce Solutions

GNO, Inc. wants to understand your talent needs to develop demand-driven solutions

GNO, Inc. operates a business and industry demand-driven human capital strategy to ensure that the region meets the workforce demands of targeted job growth sectors through a balance of human capital management and workforce development activities.

GNO, Inc. will develop strategies to address workforce gaps, ensure the distinct needs of our region’s leading industries are addressed, and maximize training and education resources.

GNO, Inc. target industry sectors include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Environmental Management
  • Health Sciences
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Technology

GNO, Inc. is also responsive to urgent or special needs that may arise outside of these target sectors when appropriate.


As a result of the pandemic, GNO, Inc. launched a new program, GNOmatch, in which we connect companies that are incurring layoffs with companies that are currently hiring 5 or more workers in the same industries or complementary ones.  Similarly, GNO, Inc. can assist companies with identifying and connecting with workforce support and training providers in our region.  This short intake form will help our team to better understand your current staffing impact, to provide your company with the proper services.

Employer Connections Roundtable Series

GNO, Inc. Employer Connections roundtables bring together regional employers from our focus industry sectors with regional higher ed partners (Career Services, Alumni Relations, and academic leadership), regional workforce center partners, and GNO, Inc. investor companies. The goal is to spotlight growth-oriented employers from across the region with active hiring needs both now and in the foreseeable future – to inform these important “talent gatekeepers” in higher ed and workforce about these job opportunities and the related skill sets and experience required of talent. Ultimately, we want to connect our regional talent to high-growth, high-wage jobs, and encourage relationship building and recruiting pipeline development for all parties involved.

Past Sessions:
Trade & Logistics

Professional Services

Healthcare (Non-Clinical)

Winning the Talent Wars, Part 2 – Retaining Good Talent

Prior to the pandemic, we also offered four live Employer Connections sessions:

Software & Digital Media, Part 1

Software & Digital Media, Part 2

Traditional Industries with Large Tech Talent Needs

Winning the Talent Wars, Part 1 – Competing for Good Talent