2023 GNO Jobs Report: Explore the top occupations in the region

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Doing Business Here

In recent years, New Orleans has evolved from a tourist destination into an evolving technology sector for entrepreneurs, growing businesses and worldwide industry leaders. While the city retains its unique culture and heritage, it is now also home to the most competitive digital media incentive in the United States.

Louisiana is one of the top ranking states for lowest business cost and best business climate. Additionally, Louisiana Economic Development, along with GNO, Inc., offers programs to aid in workforce development, incentives to lessen operating expenses and a growing technology cluster.

The Business Case

The Greater New Orleans region is one of the least expensive mid-sized business market in America, according to KPMG. Wage levels are up to 40% less than those found in other major markets across the country, utilities are below the national average, and Class A office space can be secured for as low as $16 psf.

Authentic Culture & Quality of Life
New Orleans is beloved around the world for an authentic culture that cannot be replicated – it inspires creativity and constant appreciation for the arts. The region offers a variety of lifestyle options beyond the French Quarter – contemporary high-rise living, warehouse lofts, suburban communities, lakeside living and rural farmhouses.

Rich Incentives
Already a low-cost market, aggressive business incentives – such as a 25% rebate on software development payroll costs  – make New Orleans one of the most cost-competitive markets in North America.

Regional business and political leaders are as aligned, energized and able as anywhere in America – creating an environment that’s ready and eager to welcome your business.

Best Support
Our organization stands ready to provide full support in entering the region to help with real estate, talent attraction, university partnerships, incentives, local business introductions and more!

Customized Talent Strategy
As companies look to diversify their workforce, New Orleans offers turn-key solutions to attract and grow talent. This includes close relationships with our region’s thirteen schools of higher learning, and executive attraction services.

With dedicated and knowledgeable professionals committed to Louisiana’s economic future, we strive to help businesses find the resources they need to make relocation and expansion a successful and profitable endeavor.

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GNO, Inc. Services

GNO, Inc. is your business concierge, here to assist with site visits, incentives, workforce, and more — all under strict confidentiality and at no cost to you.

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Project Management

GNO, Inc.’s team of project managers stands ready to provide you with full-service and confidential project management throughout your site selection process.  We can provide support to existing GNO regional companies considering an expansion or out of market companies evaluating New Orleans for a new office, facility or operation.  We work closely with state, local, academic and utility partners to bring you the expertise and answers you will need as you go through the evaluation process.

Workforce Development

Our experienced staff can answer questions, connect you to resources, and help you find the best solution for your talent and workforce development needs. This would include data on current talent availability and forecasts of future market demand for key skills or job types.

We can also work directly to create specialized programming through our GNOu initiative – a demand-driven workforce development program coordinated by GNO, Inc. for the benefit of the economy, higher education and the community. To help solve your workforce challenges, GNO, Inc. can make talent pipeline connections with one or many of our region’s 13 higher education institutions, as well as community and business & industry partners, to identify or create training options.

Workforce Training

Real Estate

Partner with GNO, Inc. to narrow down your new location.  We will provide confidential real estate options, research and data to assist with building and land searches throughout the 10-parish region.  GNO, Inc. will work with our local economic development partners and real estate firms to ensure you will receive an exhaustive search of the available land and buildings that fit the specs of your project.  Our teams can also provide in-depth knowledge of sub-markets, as well as detailed site information, i.e. utilities, infrastructure and site quality.

Landing Spot

For qualified companies interested in entering the Greater New Orleans market, GNO, Inc. can set up a temporary office space – at no cost.  Our region has many different communities and neighborhoods that might be a fit for your permanent business location.  Before jumping into a long-term lease, we can offer you a free office at one of our co-working locations as you get acclimated to entire region.  This way you can pick the spot that best fits your needs.  If you are building a new facility or still engaged in the site selection process, we can also offer you a landing spot throughout the process.  GNO, Inc. will work with you to find a free, temporary office location that is a fit for you and your company.


Louisiana offers a wide variety of targeted incentive programs to lessen the tax burden and lower the overall operation costs, helping companies who are locating and doing business in our state to thrive. Companies that meet certain requirements can take advantage of tax credits and other incentives, including material rebates, deferred property tax assessments, contract lending, and other cost-saving programs.

The GNO, Inc. team will assess your needs and align them with the right incentives which may be available for your company. Then, we’ll help connect your leadership with the state to ensure that your application goes smoothly and continue to provide support throughout the approval process and beyond.

Market Data

GNO, Inc. has access to key data sources that allow our team to present a granular view of local market conditions. As your company considers expansion into the market, our team will provide vital information for your business, including demographics, labor availability, transportation, taxes, cost of living comparisons, education and much more.

Talent Recruitment

GNO, Inc. offers a variety of resources to help companies identify local talent, recruit external workers, and assist with identifying employment opportunities for trailing spouses. This work includes regular interaction with local HR representatives and the use of a Talent Referral database that provides the ability for our team to share high demand talent with hiring teams around the region.

Additionally, we offer Quality of Life Tours for executive team members and key hires to see the neighborhoods of Greater New Orleans during driving experiences that highlight area schools, parks, and retail areas.

Market Integration

GNO, Inc. will help you acclimate into our business community through introductions to key government, education and private partners at the local and state level.  Leveraging our strong networks and relationships we will curate mutually beneficial relationships to help you integrate into the Greater New Orleans community.  These new relationships will allow you to make new connections and accelerate your entrance into the community.   We can also help facilitate with overviews and introductions into other recreational activities and interests.