Why Invest in GNO, Inc.

GNO, Inc. is the economic development convener, coordinator, and catalyst for the Greater New Orleans region, ensuring that all assets and opportunities are optimized. Your investment in GNO, Inc. will create a better business climate for your company, and generate increased wealth for the region.

Supporting Greater New Orleans, Inc.’s efforts to improve the region’s economy has a number of direct and indirect benefits for your company. A select few are:

Grow Your Market – By expanding the business base and increasing the number of well-paying jobs, a
successful GNO, Inc. will grow the size and purchasing power of the local market.

Receive Early Information – GNO, Inc. is on the front-line of regional business developmentand can
share – via our monthly updates, Investor Briefings, emails, etc. – early information about
developing economic trends and businesses interested in moving to our region.

Improve Your Bottom-Line – With extensive knowledge of state and other incentives, the GNO, Inc.
team can help you find savings and rebates to directly bolster your bottom-line profits.

Enhance Your Business Conditions – Much of GNO, Inc.’s work focuses on improving general business
conditions (tax laws, workforce quality, infrastructure, etc.), such as our recent success repealing
personal income tax on the sale of a Louisiana business.

Enjoy a Voice – With over 170 of the top business, non-profit and government leaders from across the
region as Board members and investors, GNO, Inc. provides an excellent forum within which “to be
heard” about critical issues and concerns.

Obtain Access – GNO, Inc. has close official relationships with Louisiana Economic Development, the
federal Economic Development Administration, and major federal and state elected officials that
serve the GNO region. We can provide our investors access to key government agencies.

Receive Critical Assistance – GNO, Inc. can provide specific assistance to your company to help
resolve issues and promote growth (e.g., permitting issues).

Benefit from Referrals – Via our “Investor Referral Program,” GNO, Inc. introduces business
development leads to investors who may be able to provide services.

Increase Employee Retention – With a number of committees and projects, GNO, Inc. also provides a
meaningful way for your employees to become involved in economic development and personally invested
in the community.

Provide Community Support – Your investment in GNO, Inc. is an investment in the future of your
community. The mission of GNO, Inc. is to create a Greater New Orleans where our children and
grandchildren can choose to stay and raise their own families. If you support this mission, then
GNO, Inc. is your strong ally.

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In summary, an investment in GNO, Inc. is an investment in the future of both your company and your community.

To become an investor, or if you have any questions about investment, please contact Sara Bradford at [email protected] or (504) 527-6943.

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