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May 17, 2018

The OIX and GNO, Inc. Partner to Optimize Tax Credits and Incentives

The OIX and GNO, Inc. today announced a new partnership whereby all recipients of tax credits in the State of Louisiana will receive a 50% discount for managing those credits in The OIX’s CIMS (Credits and Incentives Management System) platform. This will ensure seamless and automated compliance that benefits all parties in these community-building financial arrangements. The OIX and GNO, Inc. will host a series of webinars to demonstrate the CIMS platform and discuss the details of the new partnership. The first of these is scheduled for 10:00 AM Central Time on June 5th, 2018. For more information, interested parties can go to www.theoix.com/webinar/GNO.

“We are continually looking for innovative ways to make Greater New Orleans the most attractive economic location possible,” said Michael Hecht, CEO of GNO, Inc. “With The OIX platform, both local companies that receive incentives and the communities that issue them will now enjoy a collaborative, real-time, cloud-based platform for ensuring maximum efficiency. When you locate your business in Greater New Orleans, we are committed to helping you improve your bottom line while you invest in our region.”

Ron Bienvenu, CEO of The OIX added, “As a Louisiana native, it is great to see the state leading the nation on innovative ideas for building a successful economic environment that benefits companies and the communities where they operate. Our industry leading technology is not only the most powerful system in the market, it is the most affordable. We take the complexity out of compliance and insure dealines are met, filings are made on time, and both the government entity issuing the credit and the company using it receive maximum intended benefits.”

Mr. Bienvenu added, “Business incentive programs are perhaps the most powerful economic development tools government can leverage to stimulate desired activity, investment and job creation without compromising economic efficiency. GNO has provided the leadership to create economically impactful incentives, and as a result, Louisiana has become one of the most pro-business states in the country. We are excited to help them continue their mission.”

About Greater New Orleans, Inc.: GNO, Inc. is the regional economic development organization for Southeast Louisiana. The GNO, Inc. mission is to create jobs and wealth in the Greater New Orleans community. The GNO, Inc. Vision is for the Greater New Orleans region to fulfill its potential as one of the best places in the country to grow a company, and raise a family. More information can be found at www.gnoinc.org.

About The OIX: The OIX is a technology platform and SaaS provider offering cost-effective enterprise solutions that streamline the utilization, reporting, analysis, forecasting, workflow and compliance processes for credits and incentives portfolio management on a global basis. The OIX’s CIMS empowers its clients to take control of this asset class throughout its lifecycle, and provides A-Z solutions to maximize value and optimize financial results. More information can be found at www.theoix.com.