2023 GNO Jobs Report: Explore the top occupations in the region

October 30, 2023

Sunday Night Highlight – Greater New Orleans Top Ten for African Americans and Women in Technology

With the pace of news ever increasing, it is easy to miss some of the positive wins and momentum coming from the New Orleans region. To help mitigate this “good news gap,” every Sunday we will send out a brief “Sunday Night Highlight,” profiling a win, partner, or stat of which we are proud. Please feel free to send us suggestions!





GNO, Inc., along with Louisiana Economic Development and local partners, has been focusing for over a decade on diversifying the economy, including via the technology sector.

This effort has yielded a number of significant wins (recent examples below).  We are particularly proud that a diverse range of residents have been able to take advantage of these high-paying jobs.  Per the latest from data resource Lightcast, Greater New Orleans ranks:

  • #3 in the USA for African Americans in tech jobs, per capita
  • #7 in the USA for women in tech jobs, per capita

This success has been driven by a range of partnerships from our companies, two- and four-year universities, and non-profits – for example from Operation Spark, which provides an intensive, six-month training program for young adults to start careers as autonomous full-stack developers.

Recent examples of tech announcements in Greater New Orleans include:

If you would like detail on our data, or more information about technology in Greater New Orleans – including the best-in-class 25% digital media incentive – please reach out.