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January 26, 2017

NOLA #8 For Women In Tech

Financial website SmartAsset has determined that New Orleans ranks #8 best of 58 major cities in the USA for women in technology. In determining the ranking, SmartAsset considered 1) Women as a percentage of the tech workforce; 2) Gender pay gap in tech; 3) Income after housing costs; 4) Three year tech employment growth.

SmartAsset says “New Orleans has established itself as a leader in tech diversity. Organizations such as New Orleans Women in Tech have worked to foster a more inclusive culture for women in the technology industry, which is reflected in the data on workforce demographics. Women hold 38.1% of computer and mathematical occupations in New Orleans, the third-highest ratio of any city in SmartAsset’s study. The tech industry culture in New Orleans also played a role in bringing the Collision Conference to the city…”

The Top 10 Cities for Women in Tech

1.Washington DC
2. Kansas City
3. Detroit
4. Baltimore
5. Indianapolis
6. Chandler, AZ
7. New York City
8. New Orleans
9. Denver
10. Fremont, CA

You can read the entire study here.