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May 31, 2016

NOLA #7 Destination In USA For Millennials

Website realtor.com has determined that the New Orleans metro area is seventh in the nation for in-migration of 25-34 year old “millennials.” The website considered three factors in developing their ranking: Census Bureau migration data from 2009-2013; cross-metro moving requests on moving.com; and, cross-metro search traffic on realtor.com.


The Top Ten “Hot-Spots” Where Millennials are Moving:

1. San Antonio, TX
2. Jacksonville, FL
3. Tampa, FL
4. Miami, FL
5. Orlando, FL
6. Oklahoma City, OK
7. New Orleans, LA
8. Charlotte, NC
9. Austin, TX
10. Raleigh, NC

You can read the entire report here. You can see a Fox tv news segment on the report here.