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Young couple dancing in the streets of New Orleans
June 28, 2016

NOLA #4 Best Affordable Destination In USA

U.S. News and World Report, “with the help of expert opinion and user votes, ranked the best value vacations America has to offer.” New Orleans came in fourth, with U.S. News writing, “New Orleans offers visitors a culturally rich getaway with rates that are much tamer than the city’s reputation. Budget hotels are housed in historical buildings and eateries serve spicy portions of Cajun cuisine at reasonable prices. Just avoid Mardi Gras if you’re not looking to splurge.”


The Top 10 Best Affordable Destinations in the USA are:

1. Yellowstone
2. Yosemite
3. Washington D.C.
4. New Orleans
5. Charleston
6. Savannah
7. Nashville
8. San Antonio
9. Key West
10. Adirondacks

You can read the entire report here.