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Downtown New Orleans at night
September 28, 2015

New Orleans WW II Museum Named #3 In The USA

Global travel website TripAdvisor has named the National World War II Museum in New Orleans as the Third Best Museum in the Nation and 15th Best Museum in the World.  In the United States, only the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and The Art Institute of Chicago rank above the National WWII Museum, which was founded in 2000.

TripAdvisor describes the National WWII Museum as “a completely contemporary museum with interactive exhibits, amazing shows and an incredible layout.”  The museum makes special note of New Orleans’ unique and vital contribution to America’s war effort, the Higgins Boat that was critical to the success of D-Day in Normandy.

You can read the TripAdvisor ranking here, and an article here.


The Top 10 Museums in America

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York City
2. The Art Institute of Chicago – Chicago
3. National WWII Museum – New Orleans
4. The Getty Center – Los Angeles
5. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum – Washington DC
6. National Gallery of Art – Washington, DC
7. Frick Collection – New York City
8. Chihuly Garden and Glass – Seattle
9. USS Midway – San Diego
10. American Museum of Natural History – New York City