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October 2, 2017

Louisiana #5 In USA For Software Growth

Louisiana is #5 in the USA for growth in software employment from 2014 – 2016, increasing nearly 22%, according to a new report by Software.org.

Louisiana’s rapidly growing software industry employed 11,694 people in 2016 and had a $1.5 billion impact on the state’s economy, according to the study, which describes the industry as “a powerful spark” nationally. Louisiana’s software industry further generated 20,533 indirect jobs in 2016, and software companies invested $22 million in research and development, 6.2% of Louisiana’s total R&D spending.

Louisiana’s software industry is supported by one of the most aggressive digital media incentives in North America, which can provide a 25% refundable tax credit on qualified payroll for in-state labor, and 18 percent for qualified production expenditures. You can read more about the Louisiana’s Digital Interactive Media and Software Development tax credit here.

The Top Ten States for Software Employment Growth are:

You can read the report by Software.org here.