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September 26, 2016

10th Anniversary Of “Rebirth”

Ten years ago, the Superdome reopened, Steve Gleason blocked the punt, and the Saints went on to beat the Falcons 23-3.  You can relive Gleason’s heroics here.

Everyone in the stadium was crying, not just because we beat archrival Atlanta, but because we knew at that moment that the Saints were back, and were going to be better than ever.  And, by metaphorical extension, we all knew that the New Orleans region was going to come back, and was going to be better than ever.

Of course, the Saints went on to win their first Super Bowl soon thereafter.  And Greater New Orleans went on to receive a series of accolades that would have been unimaginable before – let alone after – the terrible aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  And yet, here is just a small sample from the past ten years:

The statue that memorializes Gleason’s block is called, aptly, “Rebirth.”  So, on it’s 10th Anniversary, we say thank you.  And, “Who dat!