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April 14, 2023

St. Tammany Corporation Announces Development of Gulf South Commerce Park

Chris Masingill, CEO of St. Tammany Corporation, and John Crosby, CEO of Crosby Development, are pleased to announce the formal unveiling of the Gulf South Commerce Park at the intersection of Interstate 12 and Louisiana Highway 1088. St. Tammany Corporation has worked in collaboration with Crosby Development and St. Tammany Parish Government leadership on the creation of a comprehensive master plan for the 919-acre site centered around the Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics industries (AML). Thoughtful planning, deployment of smart growth practices, and implementation of appropriate infrastructure ensure the viability of this development, which will offer significant opportunities for job creation and business expansion within St. Tammany Parish’s footprint. The Gulf South Commerce Park is a major asset for St. Tammany Parish, the Greater New Orleans Region, and the State of Louisiana; the geographic positioning, existing industry base, and deep labor pool from which to draw all work together to set this development up for long-term sustainability.

The Gulf South Commerce Park will be developed in a multi-phased approach. Phase 1 encompasses the southernmost 189 development-ready acres, and immediate efforts have been concentrated on site preparation and project development of this portion of the site. The first stage of Phase 1 includes a portion dedicated to the potential construction of a spec building with the intent to accelerate the recruitment of future tenants.

“The Gulf South Commerce Park is a critical part of the future strategy for the Greater New Orleans Region, as it targets the recruitment of companies from the transportation, logistics, and distribution sector,” said GNO, Inc. CEO Michael Hecht. “GNO, Inc., will continue to support the buildout and promotion of the Commerce Park as we work with our partners on the Northshore to create logistics opportunities along the I-12 corridor.”

St. Tammany Corporation, as the chief economic development organization for St. Tammany Parish, works to intentionally position land and site assets within our community to be as viable as possible for new and existing companies. Recognizing the advantageous geographic location of St. Tammany along the I-12 corridor, St. Tammany Corporation initiated a two-part program of work. Firstly, retool a unique existing zoning designation in our community, Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics (AML), which provides for the location of large-scale industrial facilities for operations such as research and development; transportation, warehousing, and logistics; and advanced manufacturing. Secondly, develop a logistics corridor initiative, the master planning of a large tract of land within the corridor for the sole purpose of attracting and recruiting major high-value AML related economic development projects.

St. Tammany’s five-year strategic economic development plan, THRIVE2023, noted tactics for enhancing the competitiveness of land and site assets as an important component of the overall economic development strategy. The unveiling of this commerce park is the culmination of long- term collaboration and planning among multiple partners and stakeholders and the realization of the vision laid out in THRIVE2023.

In addition to St. Tammany Corporation, Crosby Development, and St. Tammany Parish Government, partners in this endeavor include Cleco Power, Development Counsellors International, GNO, Inc., and Louisiana Economic Development. As a result of St. Tammany Corporation’s partnership with Cleco Power, the organization recently had the opportunity to introduce the Gulf South Commerce Park’s branding, concept, and site design to a group of global site selection experts at the Site Selectors Guild Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas. The reveal has garnered positive reception from leading site selectors, and the team continues to facilitate project inquiries on a regular basis.

“Crosby Development is thrilled to announce the opening of Gulf South Commerce Park,” said Crosby. “The site’s competitive location provides a unique opportunity for companies to tap into the region’s workforce and connect to their customers across the southeast and nation. I appreciate St. Tammany Corporation’s partnership in developing this vital asset and thank them for their ongoing commitment to our community. We look forward to contributing to the ongoing growth and success of St. Tammany Parish.”

“St. Tammany Corporation is honored to work collaboratively with our partners to showcase Gulf South Commerce Park as a destination of choice for business and industry,” said Masingill. “This property has long been considered a major strategic asset for our parish and an ideal fit for a major economic development project. Today’s strong alliances have realized the greater vision of creating a master planned development to serve one of the fastest growing industries in the nation and will provide an expanded tax base and well-paying jobs for St. Tammany residents.”

“The thoughtful development of the Gulf South Commerce Park will support our thriving economy, while aligning with our values and expectations for smart growth,” said St. Tammany Parish President Mike Cooper. “I greatly appreciate Crosby Development and St. Tammany Corporation for their innovative planning, which sets St. Tammany Parish apart with regard to selective, competitive site selection processes. I look forward to seeing this project coming to life and the tremendous positive impact that it will have on our community.”

More information about Gulf South Commerce Park can be found at GulfSouthCommercePark.com.