2023 GNO Jobs Report: Explore the top occupations in the region

Advanced Manufacturing

Entergy employee surveys the machinery to ensure all the piping and materials are working properly

Building Innovation from Deep-sea to Deep-space Exploration

Greater New Orleans has a legacy in manufacturing dating back to the Higgins boats, which were constructed at the current site of NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans East and largely credited with World War II victory on D-Day. Today, the legacy continues at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility with the manufacturing and assembly of some of the largest parts of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS)—the world’s most powerful rocket that will send the Orion spacecraft, astronauts, and supplies on bold exploration missions to the Moon and beyond.

The same advantages that made the region a center for building the WWII Arsenal of Democracy, continue to attract advanced manufacturing operations:

  • From natural advantages: access to abundant natural gas that translates into low-cost electricity, Mississippi River access to 32 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces
  • To man-made advantages: productive workforce, largest port complex in the western hemisphere, all six class one rail, interstate highway, international airport

Today, we are committed to this legacy through financial and programmatic support, including GNO, Inc.’s GNOu workforce development partnership program and the State of Louisiana’s lucrative incentives to help reduce cost and increase speed to market. The future is bright for Advanced Manufacturing in Southeast Louisiana from the SLS mission to Mars; to innovative startups to cutting-edge research and design in new energy with LM Wind Power’s Technology Center of the Americas.

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Mechatronics Apprenticeship Training Program

Higher education pathways to in-demand manufacturing jobs

In an unprecedented partnership, three companies and three two-year colleges – Laitram, McCormick, Elmer Chocolate, Delgado Community College, Northshore Technical Community College and Nunez Community College – have come together to develop a pilot mechatronics apprenticeship program as a way to address the shortage of mechatronics workers in advanced manufacturing jobs.

The program teaches the fundamentals of mechatronics, a field that incorporates mechanics, electronics, and computer science with manufacturing to increase efficiency.

The Mechatronics Apprenticeship Training Program’s curriculum is designed to enhance and prepare the apprentice to be fully qualified in multiple aspects of advanced manufacturing technology. The two-year commitment will provide both technical classroom instruction and on-the-job training using an earn-while-you-learn model with training costs covered completely by the employer.

A Reimagined River Site for the Future

Former shipbuilding site on the banks of the Mississippi transforming into value-added manufacturing hub

T. Parker Host, in partnership with Hilco Redevelopment, is reimagining the former Avondale Shipyard and the future of Jefferson Parish. With a footprint of 254 acres and significant warehousing, shipping, and storage capabilities, Avondale Marine will shape the future of commerce along the Mississippi River and beyond becoming a twenty-first century global logistics hub.

Development Ready Sites

GNO sites that have been selected and reviewed for suitability and readiness

  • LED Certified Sites are development-ready industrial sites. LED certification is granted after an extensive application process and exhaustive review. The benefits of certification include official acknowledgement of a site’s suitability and readiness and improved success in the site selection process. The program’s rigorous review process is conducted by an independent, third-party engineering firm. Learn more about GNO sites.

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