2023 GNO Jobs Report: Explore the top occupations in the region

Two Entergy employees collaborate together on work

State of the Sector Reports

GNO, Inc. State of the Sector reports provide industry, education, and community partners with an easy to understand snap shot of our region’s key industry sectors. The reports provide clear explanations for the factors driving growth in the sector and aim to answer frequently asked questions related to current and future industry workforce needs.

With a focus on the industry workforce opportunities projected over the next ten years, the reports aim to provide diverse partners with accessible and actionable information, that can inform both individual choices (about education and training programs to pursue) and institutional investment (in programs projected to be in high-demand moving forward.) It is critical that partners and community members, at all levels, have a clear and concise understanding of the workforce opportunities available in these sectors.

Rankings & Facts/Figures

Transportation and Logistics

The average salary across all middle-skill jobs in the sector is $24.53/hr, $5.76 higher than middle-skill jobs across all industries.

Defined as the transporting of goods and people by land, air, and sea, and the storage-related activities that support the flow of goods, the Transportation and Logistics sector is predicted to grow by 3.7% over the next decade.

Digital Media

With multiple career pathways, the Digital Media sector has grown more than 22% in the Greater New Orleans region.

Digital Media careers are not limited to tech, but cascade multiple industries allowing individuals to apply these valuable (around $34.58 hourly wage) skills to almost any sector.

Health Sciences

One of the largest industries in the region, Health Sciences are predicted to continuing growing by almost 17% during the next ten years.

With an average median salary of more than $77,000 a year, the Health Sciences sector continues to grow in the Greater New Orleans region, offering both high- and middle-skill jobs.

Advanced Manufacturing

Boasting both middle- and high-skilled opportunities, wages average median range from $20.10 to $40.48.

The Greater New Orleans region is uniquely positioned as an activity hub for Advanced Manufacturing due to the integrated transportation infrastructure including four major ports, access to all six Class-I railways, and easy access to interstates.

Water Management

Currently employing more than 30,000 individuals in the region with 23% growth predicted over the next decade.

Uniquely positioned, the Greater New Orleans region is striving to become an internationally recognized expert, sharing the inherent and learned knowledge and understanding of water and the impacts it can have on your community world-wide.


With an aging work force, the Energy sector will have an estimated 13,000 openings in the next ten years.

A legacy industry for the Great New Orleans region, the Energy sector is continually evolving, offering 1.2x the median earnings of other median earning careers in the area.