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February 19, 2024

Sunday Night Highlight – Port Of South LA Brings New Life To Old Tires

Life for Tyres Group Limited, Europe’s largest end-of-life tire recycling company with the manufacturing facilities for sustainable commodities, has announced it will invest $46 million to establish its first U.S. processing facility on ten acres at the Port of South Louisiana’s Globalplex site in Reserve, Louisiana. The company’s recycling and manufacturing plant will convert end-of-life tires into high-quality sustainable commodities such as advanced biofuel feedstock, recovered carbon black and scrap steel, which can then be used in industrial processes. This approach reduces up to 90% of greenhouse gas emissions when compared with conventional tire recycling processes.

With its focus on turning waste into new energy, Life for Tyres is a perfect fit for GNO, Inc.’s “All-of-the-Above Clean Energy” strategy.  GNO, Inc. worked with Louisiana Economic Development, the Port of South Louisiana, and local officials to help bring the company to Louisiana.

You can read more about Life for Tyres here.

You can read more about the Port of South Louisiana announcement here.

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