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A couple enjoys lunch outside at one of the many restaurants in the New Orleans regions
December 8, 2016

NOLA #1 Traditional City For Population Growth In USA

According to the journal Public Square, and US Census data, New Orleans is the #1 “traditional city” for population growth in the USA, with a 13.3% increase for 2010 – 2015.

Public Square defined “traditional cities” by comparing city population in 2010 with 1950—the mid-century inflection point for American urbanism. Cities that had a population in 1950 of at least 75 percent of the 2010 population—and did not greatly expand their boundaries in this period—are defined as “traditional cities.” Writes Public Square: “Traditional cities are centers of finance, innovation, business, arts, and culture. They are important to the nation’s history and sense of place. When foreigners visit the US and Americans go on vacation, they frequently go to traditional cities—which are the locus of 7 of the 10 most visited US tourist attractions.”

The Top 10 Traditional Cities for Population Growth are:

1. New Orleans – 13.3%
2. Seattle – 12.5%
3. Washington, DC – 11.7%
4. Boston – 8.0%
5. Richmond, VA – 7.9%
6. San Francisco – 7.4%
7. Minneapolis – 7.4%
8. Oakland – 7.3%
9. Jersey City, NJ – 6.7%
10. St. Paul, MN – 5.5%

You can read the entire article here.