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August 21, 2019

New Orleans Tech Firm IDScan.net Sees Skyrocketing Growth

A person’s identity is checked numerous times throughout their daily routines – when using credit cards, entering buildings, ordering cocktails, applying for just about anything, and the list goes on. To capitalize on this ever-increasing demand, IDScan.net, a New Orleans-based company, has grown over the past decade to become a leading developer of identity verification and information gathering technologies.

Denis Petrov, the company’s CEO and co-founder, said, “We’re excited to embark on the next phase of our growth strategy and further advance our vision of creating a safer and smarter world through technology.”

Keeping pace with its double-digit revenue growth year-over-year is IDScan.net’s ever-expanding team, product line, and footprint. With over 50 employees, the company is currently recruiting for more than a dozen positions in its New Orleans headquarters. Open positions are posted at http://www.IDScan.net/about-us/careers/.

“New Orleans is consistently named as one of the leading tech hubs in North America, and IDScan.net both typifies and is helping to drive that success,” said Michael Hecht, the CEO of GNO, Inc., the region’s official economic development organization. “IDScan.net is a case study in how a home-grown NOLA tech company can scale to become an international industry leader.”

Starting with two people in a garage, IDScan.net has been an active participant in the New Orleans tech ecosystem, advancing through The Idea Village and Launch Pad. In addition to offices in Las Vegas and overseas, the company currently occupies a large swath of the University of New Orleans Research and Technology Park and is looking to expand into a larger space.

“It is amazing to see where IDScan.net started versus where it is now,” said Mike Eckert, the former president and CEO of the Weather Channel who chairs the NOLA Angel Network and is an advisor to IDScan.net. “The stage is set for IDScan.net to continue its upward trajectory and expansion. It is providing solutions that the public and private sector will need more and more as identity and biometric technologies become increasingly ingrained in our everyday lives.”

IDScan.net’s success is rooted in a pioneering spirit that initially propelled the company forward as the first to market with mobile iOS and Android ID scanning capabilities. From this flashpoint, it has continued to anticipate the needs of tomorrow, developing an ever-expanding suite of Custom-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and Enterprise solutions, including facial recognition.

These solutions are being deployed worldwide across industries, from gaming and hospitality to retail, finance, and education. While serving large, enterprise clients, the company also places emphasis on small and mid-sized organizations.

“We provide solutions to some of the biggest, most recognizable brands, like IBM, Shell, Dave & Busters, as well as making our solutions accessible to Main Street,” said Petrov.

As part of its aggressive growth strategy, IDScan.net is broadening its reach through partnerships with leaders across industries, such as with Panasonic, hotel management software leader Cloudbeds, and multifamily industry software leader CheckpointID. It is also building a robust reseller program that allows industry-specific providers to offer complete solutions to their customers.

The cornerstone of IDScan.net’s suite of solutions is technology that allows organizations to simply swipe an individual’s ID to harvest information and verify it within seconds and with 100 percent accuracy. The solutions, approved by the TSA and FBI, can be tailored and paired with a variety of added layers of identity verification, including the ability to run IDs against watch lists and biometric analytics.

Petrov said, “We offer a use application for virtually any organization. Financial institutions are using our solutions to authenticate and onboard new customers while automatically running credit checks. Bars and nightclubs are using them to check patrons’ ages, speed up lines, and enhance customer experience. Schools are using them to keep campuses secure and students safe.”

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