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December 11, 2019

New Orleans 1 of 5 “Best Metros for Commuting”

Online real estate website Clever has named Greater New Orleans as one of the five “Best Metros for Commuting” in America.

The average commuter in GNO spends under 25 minutes commuting to work, and the $5,244 annual cost of commuting in GNO is the lowest in the USA (defined as the sum of the costs associated with fuel, vehicle maintenance, and time).

Clever used the following definitions:

  • Fuel: Estimated the cost of fuel by calculating the amount of gas used to commute to work (in gallons) by dividing the average distance to work by the average miles per gallon across vehicles (21.1333 MPG), then multiplied that by the average gas price per gallon.
  • Maintenance: The cost of maintenance was calculated as the average cost of maintenance per mile (8.94 cents) multiplied by the average number of miles to work.
  • Time: Estimated the opportunity cost of a person’s time as the amount of money they could have earned had they been working instead of commuting by multiplying the average hourly wages by the number of hours spent commuting to work.

You can read more of the commuting study here.