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March 11, 2019

GNO, Inc. to Host EVERLAB Summit: Where Environment Meets Economy

NEW ORLEANS – Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO, Inc) will host the inaugural EVERLAB Summit at the NOPSI Hotel in New Orleans, June 4, 2019. EVERLAB (Environmental Ventures for Economic Return) is a one-day conference for professionals interested in long-term corporate resilience and private sector investment in environmental sustainability.

“The environment and the economy are inextricably linked,” said Michael Hecht, President and CEO, Greater New Orleans, Inc. “What we will show at EVERLAB is that there is real opportunity for economic growth, while driving environmental sustainability.”

The environment and the economy are increasingly connected in the global marketplace. From damaged property, to lost wages and revenue due to business interruption, environmental outcomes are impacting economies around the world. EVERLAB will allow participants an opportunity to drive the conversation around environmental finance, investment, and risk management.

Ideal EVERLAB participants include: 1) corporate leaders looking to enhance resilience in their supply chains and communities; 2) venture fund managers and impact investors pursuing environmental finance and investment opportunities; 3) government officials seeking solutions to existential and complex resilience problems; and 4) economic development and environmental practitioners identifying best practices for engaging and collaborating with each other on sustainable investments.

EVERLAB 2019 is presented by the Walton Family Foundation, the Meraux Foundation, and additional sponsors.

“At the Walton Family Foundation, we believe we need to work with nature, and not against it, to restore our rivers and coast for the benefit of people and the environment, and we see the EverLab Summit as a vehicle to truly connect private industry with both government and NGOs in a smart conversation on collaborative long-term natural solutions,” said Kristin Tracz, Program Officer at the Walton Family Foundation.

“With our region’s economic and environmental interests so intertwined, the Meraux Foundation is proud to support the EVERLAB Summit to develop smart policies for a sustainable, prosperous future in our state, region, and nation,” said Rita Gue, President of the Meraux Foundation. “We look forward to a robust dialogue around how to best position St. Bernard Parish, New Orleans, and the entire region for economic growth.”

Through a unique combination of facilitated dialogues and on-the-ground learning experiences, EVERLAB will provide a platform for attendees to engage with one another, the New Orleans community, and the most innovative thinkers at the forefront of environmental finance and corporate resilience.

Speakers will discuss a variety of subject matters, including corporate practices in long-term resilience planning; environmental impact bonds, impact investing, and opportunity funds; and asset recycling and public-private partnerships that further economic resilience.

More information on panels and speakers can be found at www.everlabnola.org.

Those interested in attending can register at https://everlabnola.org/shop/. Early bird registration is $160 for general attendance, after which tickets cost $200 for general attendance.

Registrants traveling to New Orleans are encouraged to choose the NOPSI Hotel for accommodations. The NOPSI Hotel is located in the former headquarters of the New Orleans Public Service Inc. and is an architecturally unique, industrially elegant building in the heart of the Central Business District. You may see availability here.

Those interested in speaker or presentation opportunities may contact Robin Barnes at [email protected].

Media are invited to attend and cover the event free of charge. To register as media, please email Hyma Moore at [email protected].

Those interested in sponsorship opportunities may visit: https://everlabnola.org/sponsorship/ or at [email protected].