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February 4, 2019

GNO, Inc. Launches 2019 Flood Insurance Effort

This past Thursday, at the Press Club of Washington, D.C., GNO, Inc. relaunched its National Flood Insurance Program effort for 2019.

We welcomed back many of our parish presidents and representatives of our Federal delegation who were outstanding partners in our first, successful, effort, and we look forward to re-engaging our national Coalition for Sustainable Flood Insurance to help drive long-term reauthorization and reform in 2019. GNO, Inc. founded the Coalition for Sustainable Flood Insurance in 2013 during the implementation of Biggert-Waters, when the combination of the removal of grandfathering and the release of new flood maps projected a dramatic increase of flood insurance premiums in coastal and riverine communities across America.

Our priorities for 2019 are:
Risk Assessment – Enhancing the way we assess and communicate risk will protect communities and the NFIP over the long-term, and help to close America’s flood insurance gap. Congress and FEMA should use state-of-the art technology to accurately and simply communicate flood risk
Affordability – Premiums must remain affordable, and people who played by the rules at the time they built or bought their flood policy should not be penalized
Mitigation – A comprehensive approach to reducing flood losses before a disaster occurs is a more effective means to reducing economic loss and protecting taxpayers’ interests. Federal, state, and local governments should prioritize investments in mitigation, as should home and business owners
Participation – Adopting policies that encourage more people to carry flood insurance will ensure a greater understanding of flood risk, help individuals and communities recover more quickly and fully following a flood event – and ensure a more sustainable NFIP

For more information:
• You can read more about GNO, Inc.’s priorities here.
• You can read more about the Coalition for Sustainable Flood Insurance at sustainablefloodinsurance.org.
• If you would like to get involved, please respond to Caitlin Berni at [email protected].