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November 7, 2018

Digital design students get new, competitive edge

The Tulane School of Professional Advancement (SoPA) has opened three new digital design labs at the Elmwood campus offering cutting-edge technology in the areas of game art, animation and other interactive design. Amanda Garcia, digital design program director, conceived of the labs as spaces where students collaborate and develop a foundation in technology for innovative tech design careers.

SoPA collaborated with local industry leaders to identify major growth industries in the next five years and paired those findings with the specific technological needs for students pursuing these fields. Technology, specifically that of digital design, was identified to align with workforce needs in the Greater New Orleans area — an effort applauded by Grady Fitzpatrick, senior vice president of business development at Greater New Orleans Inc.

“By looking ahead, Tulane’s School of Professional Advancement has a finger on the pulse of what our New Orleans businesses need to continue to grow and economically thrive,” said Fitzpatrick.

Unlike any program in Louisiana, the digital design program at Tulane encompasses three tracks — Game Art & Animation, Graphic Design and Interactive Design.

“It is important for our school to continue to evolve as the job market changes, so we can provide SoPA students with the education they need to be competitive in the workforce,” said Suri Duitch, dean and vice president for academic innovation at SoPA. “The new digital design labs are giving our students a competitive edge in the electronic era.”

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