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January 30, 2024

ADVANO Opens Silicon Battery Materials Pilot Plant in New Orleans East

Today, Greater New Orleans, Inc., City of New Orleans, and New Orleans Business Alliance, celebrated the opening of ADVANO’s new silicon battery materials pilot plant at the New Orleans Regional Business Park in New Orleans East. The facility will enable the company to deliver ton-scale volumes of its proprietary technology, REALSi™, and enter electric vehicle qualification programs in 2024.

REALSi™ are drop-in technologies providing cost-effective, high-performing solutions for current lithium-ion batteries across various sectors, including electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and defense.

“The key challenge in today’s batteries is safe energy density enhancement. At ADVANO, our proprietary silicon technologies tackle this challenge by providing cost-effective, regionally produced solutions to boost energy density in next generation batteries,” said Chris York, CEO of ADVANO. “The integration of our critical materials enhances EV consumers’ ability to qualify for substantial tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act. This enables a clear path for cost-effective transitioning to EVs and assisting consumer choice to address climate change.”

The Specialty Pilot Plant features commercial-grade equipment that will demonstrate processing scalability and accelerate the production of silicon anode materials to be used in lithium-ion batteries. The plant operations, located within Opportunity and Enterprise Zones, will also initiate the next phase of commercial growth for ADVANO including hiring up to an additional 25 employees to support its development.

“Louisiana is an energy state, and New Orleans-based companies, like ADVANO, are paving the way for us to lead the energy transition,” said New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “With this new location, our local, homegrown battery manufacturing company is better positioned to solve some of our national supply chain issues, bringing economic development to an underserved area and innovate our way of thinking through ongoing energy challenges. We have transformational leaders in the private and public sectors, and I look forward to further expanding and diversifying our economy for our collective future.”

As a critical material solutions provider for next generation batteries, ADVANO and their new facility will establish a reliable and sustainable domestic supply chain for battery materials, advancing the transition of the United States to an electrified economy and localizing the production of essential energy assets.

“ADVANO’s Specialty Pilot Plant in New Orleans East is a great win for the region that aligns with and advances our all-of-the-above energy strategy” said Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc. “This project is a great example of developing a clean energy solution while also creating jobs and investment in our communities.  We see this project as a testament to the strength of the business infrastructure and assets in the region and state that can support companies like ADVANO from the lab to reality.  GNO, Inc. looks forward to continuing our partnership with ADVANO and supporting their growth in New Orleans East.”

Built upon nearly a decade of research and patented technological innovation, ADVANO’s investment in the Specialty Pilot Plant will enable the company to bring its research and development efforts to real-world applications.

“ADVANO is exactly the type of next-generation advanced manufacturing company we want to see continuing to invest in our city,” said Louis David, President and CEO of New Orleans Business Alliance.  “New Orleans Business Alliance is proud to have worked with the company for years on site selection, talent connections and community involvement.  ADVANO’s new pilot facility continues a long tradition of cutting-edge transportation technology being developed in New Orleans, from NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility right across the street to ADVANO’s electric vehicle battery innovations.”

The company is commercializing REALSi in New Orleans, Louisiana, utilizing earth-abundant silicon. ADVANO is a Y-Combinator graduate and is backed by world-class investors such as Build Collective, Mojo Partners, DCVC, PeopleFund, and Mitsui Kinzoku.

“ADVANO’s Specialty Pilot Plant is a welcomed investment to the New Orleans East community. This project is no doubt a strategic advancement to the clean energy sector,” said Louisiana State Representative Jason Hughes and Chair of the New Orleans Regional Business Park Board of Commissioners. “The New Orleans Regional Business Park Board of Commissioners has worked diligently with ADVANO to make them the second tenant at the Park.  We applaud ADVANO and look forward to growing our partnership with the company to support their growth and continued success in New Orleans East.”

ADVANO’s Specialty Pilot Plant is close to six Class One railroads, major highways, and the New Orleans International Airport facilitating convenient shipping to customers across the Battery Belt.

“I want to thank the ADVANO team and their investors for choosing New Orleans East.  The people of our District have prayed and worked hard to encourage developers and investors to consider the area most primed for growth – District E”, said Councilmember Oliver M. Thomas, Jr., New Orleans City Councilmember for District E. “Your investment and opportunity is not just for the people of our District but for this entire region and Nation. Thank you.”

Spun out of Tulane University in New Orleans, ADVANO is empowering lives with material solutions for next-generation energy storage. ADVANO is unlocking more energy storage and faster charge capabilities by adding its proprietary technology, REALSi™ to today’s lithium-ion batteries.