2023 GNO Jobs Report: Explore the top occupations in the region


A tech worker at Globalstar studies a microchip under a magnifying lens

New Orleans: A Growing Tech Hub

For centuries, artists of every discipline have identified the Greater New Orleans region as a source of unmatched inspiration. From its rich and diverse culture to its world-renowned food, music, and architecture, the region provides endless opportunities for creative talent and businesses to prosper.

With these abundant cultural assets and some of the richest industry incentives in the country, it’s no wonder the region is a burgeoning center for innovation and excellence in technology and digital media, from advertising and graphic design to sound recording and software development. Louisiana also currently ranks as the top television and film production location in the United States outside of Los Angeles and New York.

The Case for Doing Business

Regional Assets for the Technology industry

Lower Cost of Doing Business: Lower wages, lower utility costs, and less expensive real estate make the Greater New Orleans region one of the most affordable major market options for businesses today.

Creative Culture: From our world-famous music, food, and art to Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, the Greater New Orleans region shines as a beacon of creativity and culture across the world. Its dynamic entrepreneurial community and flourishing digital media presence make Greater New Orleans a rich and rewarding place to build a creative business.

Critical Mass: New Orleans has seen rapid growth as a hub for technology firms, from global corporations like GE, Microsoft, and DXC Technology, to locally grown companies like Lucid and TurboSquid. Together, these companies form a robust and established ecosystem for technology companies of all sizes.

Customized Incentives

The Richest Incentives for Technology in the Country

Digital Interactive Media and Software Development Incentive: The strongest of its kind in the nation, this tax credit helps innovative digital media and software development companies of all sizes gain a competitive edge with a 25% tax credit on qualified payroll for in-state labor and an 18% tax credit for qualified production expenditures.

Qualified Entertainment Company Program: Provides companies in the entertainment industry a 15-20% tax credit on wages for all non-production related employees that meet minimum payroll threshold requirements.

Louisiana Quality Jobs Program: Provides a cash rebate to companies that create well-paid jobs and promote economic development, including up to a 6% rebate of annual gross payroll for new direct jobs for up to 10 years and a state sales/use rebate on capital expenditures.

LED FastStart: Recognized as the nation’s best state workforce training program, LED FastStart provides customized employee recruitment, screening, and training to new and expanding companies at no cost.

Notable Employers

Louisiana's Interactive Development Incentive


rebate on payroll

administered through cash rebate to developers, engineers, programmers, QA/QC, analysts, and project managers (additional staff may also qualify)


rebate on development related expenditures

may apply to hardware, software, supplies, licenses, permits and rent through cash rebate

No Caps

no limits, sunsets, minimums, or expirations

completely scalable. Permanent cost savings

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