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GNO, Inc. Helps Companies Grow

GNO, Inc. leads a wide range of services, programs, and initiatives to create a better environment for business to thrive, and our team excels at working directly with companies interested in expanding into our market as well as companies in our market ready for growth or experiencing challenges.

Think of the organization as a concierge service that can help you navigate the state’s incentives, connect with local vendors, assist with state policy issues, and build a stronger team of workers – all at no cost to you.

Our track record of success is strong: GNO, Inc. has worked with dozens of companies through every step of moving into the region, and worked directly with hundreds of local companies to assist with external barriers to success. As a result, GNO, Inc. has become a trusted resource among relocation professionals and local business leaders alike.

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Your Business Concierge

How can we help you and your business grow?

GNO, Inc. serves as a local partner to businesses interested in expanding to the Greater New Orleans region. Through various means of assistance, GNO Inc. strives to serve as a “concierge” to larger companies looking to locate or launch their business in our region.

These services include:

Assistance with Incentives – The GNO, Inc. team will assess your needs and align them with the state’s business incentives that may be available to your company.

Free Space – for qualified companies interested in testing out the Greater New Orleans market, GNO, Inc. can set up a temporary office space – at no cost.

Workforce – Our team can make introductions to and set up meetings with education & training leaders to help with curriculum development for your training needs.

Real Estate – Partner with GNO, Inc. and real estate representatives to narrow down long-term office options.

Local Tours – Participate in quality of life tours to familiarize you and your team with local neighborhoods & communities.

Market Integration – GNO, Inc. will help you acclimate through introductions to key contracts and business leaders.

Growing our Existing Companies

The GNO, Inc. team works directly with companies in the region to navigate business challenges and ensure they are taking advantage of the local resources available

Greater New Orleans, Inc. supports current businesses in the region through our Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) program.

Working with our local and state partners, the BRE program is designed to keep your company growing and competitive by connecting you to the plethora of resources available in our region.

Through confidential meetings, GNO, Inc. listens to you: your wins, challenges, and plans for the future, determining what resources are available at the local, regional, and state level to help your business grow.

Some of the areas in which we can help include:

  • Confidential project management
  • Partnership with Louisiana Economic Development throughout Southeast Louisiana
  • Workforce and talent development with higher education partners
  • Connecting to business and political leadership
  • Public policy support
  • Assisting with understanding and accessing incentives
  • Providing demographics and market reports
  • Performing third-party cost comparison models
  • Assisting with identifying local professional service providers and real estate options for your operations

If you are a local business interested in learning more about our BRE program or to schedule a meeting, please click here.

Filling Your Company with Talent

Services to help companies identify local talent, recruit external workers, and guide incoming executives and key team members through living options

Our experienced staff can answer questions, connect you to resources, and help you find the best solution for your talent and workforce development needs:

  • Talent pipeline connections with higher education and nonprofit partners
  • New employee orientation assistance and acclimation services
  • Quality of life tours for key positions (neighborhoods, schools)
  • Trailing spouse employment assistance
  • Service provider and other needed referrals
  • Research and access to workforce data
  • Identifying industry liaisons for workforce development initiatives
  • Local, state, and federal policy support