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NextGen Council Requirements

The GNO, Inc. NextGen Council [NGC] is an initiative that introduces new leadership into the organization, with the intent of benefiting from the vigor and ideas of emerging regional leaders; and developing future economic leaders of the organization and region. It is composed of the “next generation” of business and community leaders in the Greater New Orleans region.

The NGC focuses on and drive outcomes in issues and projects that [1] are congruent with the overall GNO, Inc. business plan, and [2] support the Board of Directors’ initiatives, as approved by the Board of Directors. The NGC also promotes positive relationships and partnerships between GNO, Inc. and the region’s business and community organizations.

Interested individuals should complete and submit a membership application along with a professional bio or resume. Selected candidates will further submit a letter of support from his/her primary employer.

Time Commitment

• NextGen Council meetings are generally scheduled for the third Thursday of each month, from 3:30 – 5:00 pm

• Additional time commitments may be required from participation on committees, or ad hoc involvement on specific projects or issues

• Minimum in-person attendance is 50% of the regularly scheduled meetings per year

Financial Commitment

• There is a $5,000 per annum requirement of NextGen Council Members


• New NextGen Council Members are offered two-year term limits

• Officers of the NextGen Council may be exempt from term limits


• Age between 30-45

• Demonstrated service as a valued and emerging regional leader

• Demonstrated a high level of civic and community engagement over a period exceeding one year within the Greater New Orleans region

• Generally, NextGen Council Members are expected to support GNO, Inc.’s mission of regional economic development

• All information discussed during GNO, Inc. NextGen Council and other meetings is to be considered confidential unless otherwise acknowledged

• NextGen Council Members are encouraged to tailor their involvement in GNO, Inc. in a way that maximizes the efficiency, productivity and enjoyment of their involvement

NextGen Council Application