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Greater New Orleans is in the midst of one of the most remarkable economic turnarounds of our lifetime.  In the years since Katrina, the region has not only come back, but is actually performing better than it has in decades, across a range of measures.  In fact, Greater New Orleans was recently named the #1 Growing Metro Area for Employment by the Brookings Institution.

Here at GNO, Inc., we are proud of the part we are playing in driving this revitalization.  With our effective staff and engaged Board, GNO, Inc. has led a number of transformative changes, including:

  • Creating a More Productive Business Environment – Now at Highest Ranking in History in Every Poll
  • Launching the Software and Digital Media Industry – No. 1 in U.S. for absolute tech job growth
  • Improving the New Orleans and Louisiana Brand – #1 Most Improved State in the U.S. (National poll results from Chief Executive magazine)
  • Creating Unprecedented Partnerships – Regionalism and Beyond to the Entire Gulf Coast

But these key wins were made possible only because of the generous intellectual and financial support of our investors.  So as we look to the next five years, and to the challenge of both driving more progress as well as sustaining the success we have achieved, your support is absolutely vital.

With this in mind, we invite you to read and discuss with us the information contained the Investment Brochure below and the following pages, and to please consider supporting GNO, Inc. and the region.  The bottom line is that GNO, Inc. has demonstrated a proven ability to be efficient and effective – we will translate your dollars and ideas into real results.

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Michael Hecht                                     Tara Carter Hernandez
President & CEO                                 Chairwoman of the Board

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