Public Policy

GNO, Inc. 2018 State Legislative Priorities

GNO, Inc. is working during the 2018 General Session to advocate for a Constitutional Convention, implement several bills aligned with Reform for Louisiana’s Future, to improve the budgeting process, to support higher education, to improve the legal climate, to increase funding for infrastructure, to protect and support key business provisions, and support coastal restoration. GNO, Inc. also continues to advocate on a number of ongoing state priorities.

Session Priorities

  • Constitutional Convention – GNO, Inc. supports the calling of a limited Constitutional Convention to begin in 2020 to address Louisiana’s fiscal and structural issues. GNO, Inc. is developing messaging to articulate a vision for Louisiana, and how our Constitution should guide our government to support the realization of that vision
  • Auto Insurance – GNO, Inc. supports legislation to begin positively impacting Louisiana’s auto insurance market, including SB 382 by Sen. Hewitt and HB 700 by Rep. McFarland which would allow judges to determine whether seat belt usage should be introduced in civil trials related to injuries from motor vehicle accidents
  • Incentives – GNO, Inc. will continue to defend incentives creating permanent jobs and industry and a pro-business tax climate, and opposes SB 493 by Sen. Luneau
  • Stipulated Payment of Taxes – GNO, Inc. supports SB 294 and SB 346 by Sen. Walsworth which allows local governments to enter in CEAs to negotiate stipulated payments of taxes
  •  Louisiana Checkbook – GNO, Inc. supports HB 510 by Speaker Barras, which creates, a website to increase transparency on state and local government spending, including the judicial branch
  • Licensing Reforms – GNO, Inc. supports HB 748 by Rep. Emerson, which reforms Louisiana’s occupational licensing requirements, easing the burden on small businesses and military families
  •  Coastal Restoration – GNO, Inc. will continue to support the adoption of the Master Plan and the projects contained therein, as well as protecting coastal dollars for their intended uses. GNO, Inc. supports HB 423 by Rep. Magee, which gives CPRA the same authority other state agencies currently have to complete major projects
  • Early Education – GNO, Inc. supports efforts to expand high quality early childcare and education, including HB 513 by Rep. Carter and HB 676 by Rep. Hilferty

Ongoing State Issues

  • Airport Flyover – Ensure funding for airport flyover, already announced, is secured and that construction progresses, as the project still needs the approval of legislative committees
  • Legal Reform – GNO, Inc. will continue to operate the newly formed Legal Reform Committee to address real and perceived problems with Louisiana’s legal climate
  • Constitutional Convention – Should a convention be called, GNO, Inc. will lead a messaging campaign to influence the narrative about how our Constitution should guide our state

GNO, Inc. 2018 Federal Legislative Priorities

In 2018, GNO, Inc. will develop and advocate for federal policies that improve the business climate in Greater New Orleans in the following subject matters

Infrastructure – Lead coalition of key constituencies around the region to secure regional infrastructure priorities as part of a federal infrastructure plan. Top priorities include:

  • Improvements to and around the Port of New Orleans
  • Improvements to and around the Port of Louisiana
  • Regional road improvements (e.g. widening of I-12, I-10)
  •  Regional bridge improvements
  • Funding for transportation systems
  • Increased opportunities for coastal restoration

NFIP – Continue to play a leadership role to ensure long term reauthorization is secured and pro-policyholder reforms are adopted ahead of July 31 expiration

Coastal Restoration – GNO, Inc. supports the following policies that would expedite and provide additional funding for coastal restoration:

  • Securing a waiver for the Marine Mammal Protection Act to advance permitting for diversions
  • Bonding authority for the RESTORE Council
  • Reduce or remove the HSDRRS loan payments from Louisiana to the USACE

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Ensure SLS funding at a level to complete development and be in service no later than 2019 with core and upper stages in parallel, ultimately capable of delivering 130 MT to low-Earth orbit, consistent with The NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017
  • Ensure the National Finance Center at the Michoud Assembly Facility remains at full performance
  • Ensure funding of the SLS Exploration Upper Stage at levels required to support the EM-2 flight planned in 2022

Public Policy Staff

Caitlin Berni
Vice President, Policy and Communications
t: 504-527-6980

Harrison Crabtree
Research and Policy Analyst
t: 504-527-6987