Public Policy

GNO, Inc. collaborates with business leaders from across the region to serve as a unified voice in both Baton Rouge and Washington D.C. by advocating for legislative polices that make our business climate competitive, encourage investment, and reduce risk.


  • Work with legislative delegations to develop and forward state and federal legislative initiatives and strategies that will help promote attraction and retention of companies in the six target industries
  • Actively support and lead statewide and regional efforts focused on addressing issues that fundamentally affect the region’s ability to recruit and retain companies and residents

2016 Louisiana Legislative Priorities


  • Defend economic development incentives that are improving the state’s business climate:  Oppose SB 318, SB 359
  • Restore the R&D incentive for small businesses: Support HB 950

Budget Reform

  • Increase budget flexibility: Support HB 584 & 657 (RFLF)
  • Support calls for a limited constitutional convention for fiscal purposes: Support HB 379, HB382, and HB 733
  • Increase Fiscal Transparency: Support HB 298 (RFLF)

Tax Policy

  • Require a single centralized sales tax collector: Support HB 131, HB 243, HB 645 (RFLF)
  • Alter the Homestead Exemption: Support SB 39 (RFLF)

Higher Education and Workforce

  • Consolidate Louisiana’s five higher education boards into a single Board of Trustees for Postsecondary Education: Support SB 67, HB 152, HB 169 (RFLF)
  • Allow universities – not the Legislature – to set tuition rates: Support SB 80, HB 439 (RFLF)
  • Decouple TOPS from Tuition Standards: Support SB 81, SB 174, HB 390 (RFLF)
  • Increase Eligibility Standards for TOPS: Support SB 88, SB 89, SB 174, SB 329, HB 390 (RFLF)
  • Support the creation of the TOPS Tech Transfer Award: Support HB 438 (RFLF)

K-12 Education

  • Oppose the requirement of charter schools to use a portion of MFP dollars to pay towards the unfunded accrued liabilities of the Teachers Retirement System of LA (TRSL), regardless of if teachers participate in TRSL: Oppose HB 555 and SB 147
  • Oppose the transfers of schools that are no longer failing from the RSD back to local authority: Oppose HB 466

Coastal Restoration

  • Oppose any measures that diverts or threatens coastal funding: Oppose SB 182, HB 508 and 716 (RFLF)
  • Approve the FY17 Annual Plan: Support HCR 2


  • Establish a new hybrid retirement benefit structure for new members of state retirement systems: Support HB 65 (RFLF)

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Prohibit a state agency from inquiring about an applicant’s criminal history until after an interview or conditional offer of employment is made: Support HB 349 (RFLF)

2016 Federal Priorities

Remote Transactions Parity Act (Formerly Marketplace Fairness Act)

  • Alleviate burdens on small businesses and simplify tax administration and collections: Support H.R. 2775


  • Promote the passage of the Trans-Pacific Pact (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Invest Pat (T-TIP)


  • Oppose the EPA’s ozone and carbon emission regulations

Flood Insurance

  • Support the 2017 Reauthorization of NFIP to ensure flood insurance remains sustainable, responsible, and affordable.

Costal Restoration

  • Support an increase in costal restoration funding
  • Oppose the diversion of GOMESA funding
  • Require the  Corps to use dredged material to restore the coast


  • Advocate for the additional purchase of FA-18 Super Hornets at the Belle Chasse Naval Air Reserves

Economic Development

  • Sustain funding for the Economic Development Administration

Public Policy Staff

Caitlin Berni
Director of External Affairs
t: 504-527-6980