Recognizing the absence of a unified voice from the greater business community advocating for Coastal Restoration, GNO, Inc. has created the Coalition for Coastal Resilience and Economy (CCRE).  This neutral, non-partisan group of leaders from the Southeast Louisiana business community is positioned as an informed, educated voice of advocacy for sustainable restoration efforts in Louisiana’s wetlands, river, delta and coastline.

CCRE is a business-led group whose mission is to:

  • Market the business case for coastal restoration in Louisiana
  • Maximize RESTORE and other federal funds that are allocated to Louisiana
  • Ensure that RESTORE and other funds are spent on their intended purposes (LA Coastal Master Plan)
  • Leverage RESTORE to secure other revenue streams (e.g. WRDA, revenue sharing,)
  • Create opportunities to engage local businesses and workforce in the implementation

What CCRE Is
Through the support of diverse business community leaders from parishes across the Greater New Orleans Region, with representatives Baton Rouge and Houma/Terrebonne, this Coalition will provide critical new perspectives in coastal restoration debates, dialogues or evaluations:

  • CCRE is a business led voice of advocacy for coastal restoration
  • CCRE builds on the research, advocacy and policy efforts of the last twenty years of coastal restoration
  • CCRE supports the prioritization of coastal restoration as a public policy issue

What CCRE Is Not
As a group of business leaders from across Southeast Louisiana representing diverse industries and expertise, CCRE members have clearly defined the parameters of this Coalition.  As such, it is worth noting what professions are intentionally not represented on CCRE and what roles this Coalition won’t be engaging in:

  • CCRE members are not Scientists, scientific evaluators or arbiters of scientific processes
  • CCRE members are not policymakers: CCRE is not a political interest group
  • CCRE members are not direct funders for coastal restoration projects
  • CCRE members are not direct beneficiaries of coastal restoration contracts; i.e. firms that will be bidding on coastal restoration work or contracts


  • Marty Mayer, President & CEO,  Stirling Properties (CCRE Chair)
  • Justin Augustine, Regional Vice President, Veolia
  • Dale Benoit, Owner, Print-All, Inc.
  • Sharon Bergeron, Vice President of Commercial Lending, Coastal Commerce Bank
  • Dickie Brennan, Owner & Managing Partner, Dickie Brennan & Company
  • Leah Brown, Policy, Government, and Public Affairs Manager, Chevron Gulf of Mexico Business Unit
  • Donna Fraiche, Founding Member of Baker Donelson’s Louisiana offices, Former Board Member of the Louisiana Recovery Authority
  • Fran Gladden, Vice President of Government and Public Affairs, Cox Communications Southeast Region
  • Philip Gunn, Managing Director of New Orleans Office, Postlethwaite & Netterville
  • Will Hales, Principal, Robertson Capital
  • Tara Hernandez, President, JCH Development
  • Merritt Lane, President & CEO, Canal Barge Company, Inc.
  • Jay Lapeyre, CEO, Laitram, LLC
  • G.F. Gay Le Breton, Managing Director, Chaffe & Associates
  • Brandon Nelson, Vice President of Commercial Banking, Whitney Bank
  • Mark Spansel, Partner, Adams & Reese
  • Lizette Terral, President, New Orleans Region, JP Morgan Chase Bank
  • Mickey Thomas, President & CEO, South Louisiana Bank