Business Development

GNO, Inc. works with its parish partners to attract new business and investment into the region and to retain and expand existing companies. The GNO, Inc. Business Development team identifies and pursues opportunities to generate job growth and wealth creation in the Greater New Orleans region, focusing on six target sectors:

Foundational Sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • International Trade

Diversifying Sectors:

  • Software and Digital
  • BioSciences
  • Environmental Management

For companies interested in relocating to Southeast Louisiana or expanding current operations within the region, GNO, Inc. serves as a “concierge” service, advising them on incentive programs, coordinating site visits throughout the area, and providing cost comparisons and other information—all while maintaining confidentiality about potential projects and working at no cost to the companies.

GNO, Inc.’s business development efforts have succeeded in recent years, driving new investments from a more diverse array of companies than at any other point in the region’s history. In fact, Site Selection recently named GNO, Inc. as one of the Top 20 Economic Development Organizations in the nation.