Deep Draft Ports

Name Parish Top Commodities
Port of New Orleans Orleans steel, rubber, forest products, coffee, metals (copper, zinc, aluminum), poultry
Port of South Louisiana St. John the Baptist petrochemicals, ores (phosphate rock), petroleum products, crude oil, maize, grains, animal feed, wheat, soybeans, chemicals, fertilizer
St. Bernard Port, Harbor, and Terminal District St. Bernard iron, steel, metals, coke, ores, ferro, fertilizers, synthetic resins, plywood, sheetrock
Plaquemines Port, Harbor, and Terminal District Plaquemines iron, steel, metals, petroleum products, crude oil, corn, grains, flour products, soybeans, coke, coal, ores, fertilizers

Shallow Draft Ports

Name Parish
Port of Manchac Tangipahoa
Jefferson Parish Port District Jefferson
Port of Grand Isle Jefferson

Source: Business Book of Lists 2007-08 and other sources