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January 5, 2018

GNO, Inc. & LED Win #2 “Deal of the Year” in America

GNO, Inc. and Louisiana Economic Development have been awarded the Silver Medal from Business Facilities magazine for the #2 “Deal of the Year” in America for 2017.

The award was given for DXC Technology’s commitment to establish a Digital Transformation Center in New Orleans, an initiative that will create 2,000+ jobs in the global IT and business enterprise sector.

Business Facilities Editor-in-Chief Jack Rogers writes:  “Louisiana set the standard for diversification into new growth sectors, maximizing the participation of its impressive higher education resources to attract 21st-century businesses.  High-tech hubs are blossoming across the state, from cybersecurity in Bossier City to IT services and digital media in New Orleans.”

The Gold Medal was given to Wisconsin for the $11B Foxconn LCD production facility project.

You can read more about the Deal of the Year awards here.