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July 21, 2015

Finnish Manufacturer Chooses NOLA

Finnish-based Cajo Technologies has chosen New Orleans for its US headquarters, and is expected to bring close to 90 direct and indirect jobs to the region.  Using laser beam technology, Cajo has patented a new way to create precise permanent markings and color patterns on almost any material.  The Cajo announcement is particularly noteworthy because it is the first win for Greater New Orleans from Scandinavian business accelerator Nest, which recently opened its New Orleans office.  Cajo manager Ismo Rantala says “We chose Louisiana for the Cajo Technologies U.S. headquarters for many reasons:  Louisiana has a very cost-efficient business environment to launch sales and production operations in the same place; additionally, LED and GNO Inc. have been truly professional and have effectively helped to provide many business solutions, like finding the right customer segments, getting regional statistics, identifying workforce solutions and identifying a business facility with great production features.”

You can see more about Cajo here:  www.cajo.fi/en/