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Over the past fifteen years, the Greater New Orleans region has not only come back from Hurricane Katrina, but is actually performing better by many metrics.  However, the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent business disruptions have demonstrated there is more work to be done.

GNO, Inc. is focused on weathering the storm, maximizing opportunities that emerge from this crisis, and fulfilling our mission to create a Greater New Orleans with a thriving economy and an excellent quality of life, for everyone.

At the core of GNO, Inc. is a belief that collaboration and partnership is the key to success.  Together, GNO, Inc. and partners have led a number of transformative changes, including:

  • Creating a More Productive Business EnvironmentMajor Market of the Year in the South [Southern Business  & Development]
  • Launching the Technology and Digital Media IndustryTop Tech Hub in America [Business Facilities]
  • Improving the New Orleans and Louisiana BrandTop 10 State for Business 10 Years in a Row [Site Selection]
  • Creating Unprecedented PartnershipsRegionalism in Greater New Orleans, across Louisiana, and to the entire Gulf Coast

These key wins are only made possible because of the generous intellectual and financial support of our investors.  We invite you to learn more, and to please consider supporting GNO, Inc.  The bottom line is that GNO, Inc. has demonstrated a proven ability to be efficient and effective – we will translate your dollars and ideas into real results.

Thank you for your consideration.

Michael Hecht                                    Sara Bradford
President & CEO                               Director of Investor Relations