Website allows local businesses to shop, sell COVID-19 products

GNO, Inc. has launched an online platform for businesses in the New Orleans area looking to buy or sell high-demand products and services related to COVID-19.

Products found on GNOpivot Marketplace include health care products, face shields, masks, professional services, telework software, catering services and more. The marketplace also lists products for sale, free products or trials, donations and volunteer services.

One of the companies participating is Pete’s Papercrafts and NOLA Sneeze Guards. Peter Seltzer, founder, said the company provided intricate three-dimensional dioramas and laser cutting services before the pandemic.

“We quickly pivoted our services to produce needed protective goods such as sneeze guards and with the GNOpivot Marketplace, we can focus on building our products while remaining in business,” he said.

Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co. is one of the local businesses using local suppliers as it reopens, the news release said.

Each seller maintains their own listings and transactions with customers. Any company that has adjusted its products or services to responding to the pandemic is able to join the marketplace.

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