The first NOLATech Week celebration of technology in New Orleans is unfolding across the city

The first-time NOLATech Week celebration of the technology industry in New Orleans is underway, having started Monday and continuing through Saturday. It consists of independently organized seminars and social events unfolding in venues across the city, touching on crowd-funding efforts for local enterprises, independent film-making, health care and biosciences efforts, game developing, education entrepreneurship and general discussions of the technology sector in New Orleans.

Organizations producing events for Tech Week include New Orleans city government, the Greater New Orleans, Inc., economic development group, The Idea Village entrepreneurship network, the BioDistrict New Orleans Mid-City development agency, the Propeller social entrepreneurship incubator, the Launch Pad business incubator, the New Orleans Video Access Center, the 4.0 Schools education entrepreneurship group and the New Orleans CityBusiness publication.

A kickoff announcement from event organizers quoted Michael Hecht, president of GNO Inc., heralding the event as a sign post in an emerging technology scene in New Orleans: “The meteoric rise of New Orleans as a digital media hub continues unabated, as demonstrated by this week’s events. NOLA Tech Week will help to further build the critical mass of our technology hub, and ensure that our momentum as the fastest growing IT cluster in America only grows.”

The events are free and open to the public, but Tech Week is accepting $5 donations that it will channel to a New Orleans charity chosen by attendees at the end of the week. A schedule of individual events is online at

Anyone with questions about NOLATech Week can email [email protected] For information on sponsoring events: [email protected]

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