Tech firm’s plans to move to Kenner means hundreds of jobs

More than 300 jobs are projected to come to the metro area following a recent announcement that a technology firm is moving its headquarters to Kenner.

Starting in July, 4th Source is scheduled to relocate its headquarters from Canton, Ga. to the Rault Office Building on Veterans Boulevard.

It’s welcome news for Katrina Tran, the owner at Chez Pierre French Bakery.  Her family-owned bakery has been at its location on Veterans Boulevard for more than three decades.

Trans said in that time her family has seen many Kenner businesses come and go, with too few staying put.

“Kenner needs to be built up, because right now everything is just steady.  Day in and day out, it’s the same, nothing changes,” said Tran.

There is some change coming.

4th Source has a five-year goal of cultivating 320 local jobs.  Jerry Bologna with the Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission said while the quantity of jobs will be welcomed, the quality of the jobs is perhaps more important.

“I think any time you talk about a tech firm, and in particular you talk a headquarters, you’re looking at higher paying jobs. You’re looking at jobs that are quality jobs, providing benefits we want for our people,” said Bologna.

Bologna said one big factor that helped lure the company from other competing states like Colorado and Tennessee was Louisiana’s aggressive tax incentives.  Economic developers see the move as a positive sign that more technology-based companies are looking at the metro New Orleans as a good destination for business.

According to GNO Inc, at least eight tech firms have come to the metro area, creating more than 700 direct jobs.

“Bringing more business in, promoting Kenner more would be great, it would be great for everybody,” said Tran.

As far as the bakery is concerned, anything attracting more customers and business would be icing on the cake.

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