President Obama plans visit to New Orleans to dicuss economy

President Barack Obama has planned a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana on Friday, November 8, 2013 to discuss the economy according to a news report released earlier today (Nov. 1).

While details of the president’s visit are being kept quiet, we do know that the president will be discussing exporting goods from the Port of New Orleans, specifically increasing exports.

Governor Bobby Jindal has extended an invitation to the President to also visit Baton Rouge, a second invitation of sorts, since the first invitation wasn’t responded to. Jindal had invited President Obama previously to visit with scholarship students and their parents.

Jinda’s agenda includes asking President Obama why the U.S. Justice Department opposes his voucher system. Jindal’s voucher system uses a portion of funds from taxpayers in Louisiana to pay tuition for students to go to a private school. These students previously went to a school that received failing grades.

Greater New Orleans Inc. also hopes to have the chance to discuss rising costs of flood insurance for the state. The increase will cause more foreclosures on homes, as well as decrease the overall value of homes.

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