New Orleans, like DXC Technology, is world class

DXC Technology, a $25 billion global IT services firm, last week announced a 2,000-job “Digital Transformation Center” in downtown New Orleans. This economic development win, the single-largest (in terms of jobs) in New Orleans and Louisiana history, was the capstone of more than a decade of teamwork. Its significance for the regional economy is great:

First – jobs. The number one request we hear from the people of greater New Orleans is for more, better, professional jobs — and DXC brings them in the thousands. The ramp-up to 2,000 direct jobs is expected to catalyze 2,257 indirect jobs, for a total of more than 4,250 additional well-paying positions for locals. Said differently, the refrain we hear frequently from elected officials is that we don’t need higher taxes – what we need is more taxpayers – and DXC will fit this bill nicely, as well.

Second – workforce development. A key element of the deal between DXC Technology and the state is that $25 million will be directed to higher education: LSU, Southeastern, UNO, SUNO, Delgado and others. This will not only ensure that DXC has the quality and quantity of workers it needs to meet its growth goals, but also means that local residents will get the training they need to participate in the new technology workforce. Ultimately, it means that all technology companies in the region and state will benefit, as the overall technology labor market will thicken, providing better choice and access to qualified workers for everyone.

Third – diversification. DXC technology is a major step forward towards diversifying the greater New Orleans economy, a long-standing goal. The DXC announcement alone will increase tech employment by more than 12 percent, and it will undoubtedly catalyze additional technology growth in the region. Combined with our progress in other new sectors, including medical and water management, the New Orleans economy is beginning to truly diversify, which means broader opportunity and greater resiliency for the future.

Finally – validation. DXC Technology, one of the largest technology companies in the world, choosing New Orleans emphatically validates the city and region as a place for business and tech. Combined with other global public companies like GE Digital selecting greater New Orleans, the decision of DXC to pick southeastern Louisiana over 30 other locations in North America will send a clear signal to other growing tech companies that New Orleans should be a top consideration.

Of course, the validation is not only external. The decision of DXC Technology to locate in New Orleans, following an exhaustive 18-month due diligence process, should be immensely validating internally, to the citizens of greater New Orleans.

DXC is proof-positive that we can compete in business – and win – on a national and global level. New Orleans, like DXC Technology, is world-class.

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