Nearly 16,500 People Have Digital Media Jobs In New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS – In 2016, the New Orleans area employed 16,459 people in the digital media industry—a number that will continue to rise as more tech-focused companies put down roots in the Big Easy.

The Greater New Orleans, Inc. released its State of the Sector report on digital media-related industries and occupations in the Greater New Orleans region.

This State of Sector analysis, funded by JPMorgan Chase & Co., focuses on specifics of current and future workforce/job opportunities over the next ten years in the Greater New Orleans region. Digital media jobs span several industries, from computer facilities management services to graphic design services, even sound recording studios.

“Without question, Greater New Orleans is now a fast-emerging technology hub, poised for 26 percent growth over the next 10 years, which is creating unprecedented demand for technology workers,” said Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc. “This State of the Sector report illuminates the scope and context of the labor demand in the digital media industry, which will inform our educational institutions, residents, and companies in the development of an adequately trained workforce.”

With the recent announcement of tech giant DXC to bring 2,000 jobs to New Orleans over the next eight years, the report states digital media job growth will see big gains in the computer facilities management sector.

“Regionally, the projected fastest sub-industries are computer facilities management services specialized design services, teleproduction and other postproduction services, and computer systems design services. In fact, all but one sub-industry are projected to have double digit percentage growth over the next decade,” the report states.

Key takeaways from the report on digital media jobs include:
•Average wages of $31.06/hr
•66 percent of digital media jobs require high-skills
•Digital media related jobs in New Orleans have a higher percentage of women who are employed in the industry, a higher percentage of African American workers, and a higher percentage of workers under 34
•53 percent of digital media related jobs are outside of traditional digital media related industries.

To read the full report click here.