Local businesses face challenges following Isaac

As the New Orleans metro area tries to bounce back from Hurricane Isaac, retailers are for the most part getting the doors back open.

It’s been a week since Isaac hit the metro area, and most local businesses are still facing at least a few challenges.

Some restaurants are offering a limited menu after they had to throw out spoiled food following Isaac and Michael Hecht, President and CEO of GNO Inc. says it takes awhile to get in new deliveries.

He says some businesses are only taking cash, because once a credit card system goes out after losing power, they just don’t work correctly when they come back on.

“Other challenges that we’re seeing is first power, and the corollary to that is getting workers back and the workforce back because people have been limited by some degree by the power in their own homes,” Hecht says, because “One of the things that happens when schools are canceled due to lack of power or due to damage, it then forces parents into a child care conundrum and it kind of backs up the whole system.”

There really are two different stories for recovering businesses in the New Orleans area right now. Hecht says retail will probably recover financially, but industrial businesses are much more impacted by the delay in power restorations.