Forward New Orleans unveils blueprint for mayoral candidates

NEW ORLEANS — A diverse coalition of businesses and nonprofit organizations across the city are trying to make sure all the candidates for mayor focus their attention on New Orleans’ most pressing needs.

And they’ll be asking all of them to sign on to a recently released plan of action. The group, which is called “Forward New Orleans,” is a who’s who in business and civil circles. It includes GNO Inc., The Urban League and the hospitality association.

Forward New Orleans says the No. 1 issue facing the city is public safety.

The group released its 2018 blueprint on Sunday. It outlines the issues the next mayor and new City Council will have to work to address.

Public safety tops the list of issues that need to be addressed. The murder rate has spiked and the group says hiring more police officers is key to bringing it back down.

That issue is followed by infrastructure, economic opportunity, city services, city finance and the civil service system.

“We think it’s incredible important that the next administration and council stick to a road map to the items that will improve out city, and we have done a lot of national research to set these goals to help these future officials,” said Christy Harowski, with Forward New Orleans.

The group says it would like all of the people running for mayor to pledge their support to the plan.

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