A decade after Katrina

Much thanks

Regarding “Gulf Coast marks 10 years since Katrina’s fury” (Page A4, Saturday), 10 years ago, Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast and precipitated the worst disaster in modern American history. The New Orleans region was devastated, and thousands of citizens were left bereft.

Houston, you were there to help. We will never forget that you took in tens of thousands of New Orleanians and gave them solace and shelter. For many, you gave a new start.

Today, Greater New Orleans is back on its feet. In many ways, in fact, the New Orleans region is more vibrant than it was even before the storm, let alone in its aftermath. To us, the way we are honoring those who suffered from Katrina is by rebuilding something better than before – and this is why it was important when the publisher of Forbes called New Orleans “the turnaround story of our lifetime.”

We would not be here if not for the magnanimity of Houston.

Looking ahead, a stronger New Orleans is good for Houston, as we form two key nodes on the arc of what demographer Joel Kotkin calls “The Third Coast” – the Gulf region from Texas to Florida, which is posed to be the great growth area of America. We have economic synergies with energy and trade; shared challenges with our coast; and, now, cultural connections like never before.

Thank you, Houston, for being there for New Orleans. We look forward to strengthening our partnership and to supporting your future.

Michael Hecht, President and CEO, GNO, Inc.

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