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Major changes in New Orleans economic development abilities

“The GE announcement I think will prove to be a watershed moment in the economic history of this city,” said Michael Hecht.

03/18/2012 | Read Story »

Spreading the Word that New Orleans is Open for Business

While the common perception may be that New Orleans is still devastated from the hurricane, or worse yet, that it has only recovered its ability to party, in reality a thriving entrepreneurial culture has sprouted in several industries that the NOLABound Program believes can be the foundation for bringing the city’s economy back to life.

03/16/2012 | Read Story »

The Big Easy’s Business Leap Forward

New Orleans has been reborn as a tech town. Really.

03/16/2012 | Read Story »

Greater New Orleans Metro ranks among the top 20 Strongest Performing by Brookings

Data for the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas do not fully reflect the most recent national trends
because most metropolitan economic indicators are available only through the fourth quarter of 2011
(ending in December).

03/15/2012 | Read Story »

Post-Katrina, New Orleans Rises Up With A Sustainable, Entrepreneurial Culture

The NOLABound program wants to highlight a different reality: a city which has risen up in the face of Katrina’s aftermath to create a thriving entrepreneurial culture that can bring the city’s economy back to life.

03/15/2012 | Read Story »

Louisiana #2 State to start a company

Today, the Tax Foundation in collaboration with KPMG released a new 50-state analysis of business tax burdens in the U.S. that indicates Louisiana’s business tax competitiveness has improved significantly over the past few years.

02/29/2012 | Read Story »

A smart business move by GE: An editorial

General Electric’s decision to open the GE Technology Center in New Orleans is a strong sign that Louisiana is doing the right things to lure information technology and other knowledge-based industries here.

02/23/2012 | Read Story »

GE to bring 300 jobs to N.O.

The finance arm of General Electric Co. announced Friday that it will open an information technology center in New Orleans that will employ 300 people.

02/21/2012 | Read Story »