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Local Leaders Meet to Discuss Gulf Coast Restore Act

More than 100 leaders from throughout the Gulf region are sending a message to Senate and House leaders. They want lawmakers to pass legislation that could mean and economic boost and more jobs for coastal areas impacted by the BP oil spill.

05/29/2012 | Read Story »

New Orleans is fast becoming paradise for investors, entrepreneurs

“I’ve pretty much focused all our energy here because there’s so much opportunity,” Nagarajan said recently. “As far as I’m concerned, as an investor, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.”

05/27/2012 | Read Story »

Chairman calls Super-Region a ‘work in progress’

For the past two years, New Orleans businessman Roger Ogden has been the chairman of a group he thinks 90 percent of Louisiana residents have never heard of — the Southeast Super-Region.

05/25/2012 | Read Story »

The Best Cities for Tech Jobs

To determine which metropolitan areas are adding the most tech-related jobs, my colleague Mark Schill at Praxis Strategy Group developed a ranking system for Forbes that measures employment growth in the sectors most identified with the high-tech economy (including software, data processing and Internet publishing), as well as growth in science, technology, engineering and mathematics-related (STEM) jobs across all sectors.

05/17/2012 | Read Story »

B.R., N.O. and Northshore set aside rivalries to flex combined political, economic muscle

Three years into an organized effort to give southeastern Louisiana a more powerful voice in its economic future, leaders of the fledgling initiative say it has found its wings.

05/14/2012 | Read Story »

5 friendliest states for small business

Small businesses ranked Idaho as the friendliest state to set up shop, according to a survey released Tuesday.

05/08/2012 | Read Story »

Louisiana ranks high on Index of State Economic Momentum

Louisiana placed ninth among the 50 states on an Index of State Economic Momentum, which ranks states on their most recent performance on three key measures of economic vitality: personal income growth, employment growth and population growth.

05/04/2012 | Read Story »

Louisiana reaches highest rank ever in CEO Survey

Although often eclipsed by Texas, its next door neighbor, Louisiana, is the Cinderella of business improvement.

05/02/2012 | Read Story »