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Louisiana Earns New All-Time High In Business Climate Ranking

Pollina Corporate Real Estate Inc. released its annual ranking of top pro-business states, with Louisiana rising to No. 16 in the U.S. Louisiana has climbed 24 spots in Pollina’s ranking since 2008, making it the most improved state in the country over the last four years.

09/06/2012 | Read Story »

Local businesses face challenges following Isaac

As the New Orleans metro area tries to bounce back from Hurricane Isaac, retailers are for the most part getting the doors back open.

09/05/2012 | Read Story »

New Orleans Getting Back To Business after Hurricane Isaac

Sitting in New Orleans today, it can be hard to tell that the city went through much more than a long weekend and the annual Southern Decadence festival.

09/04/2012 | Read Story »

Businesses Wait on BP Fines to Repair the Gulf Coast

Jim Marino was preparing to replenish the sand on a shriveling dune in Destin, Fla., when Hurricane Isaac churned up the Gulf Coast this week and washed it away.

08/31/2012 | Read Story »

Remembering Katrina, Two Louisiana Cities Acknowledge a Common Fate

Seven years ago, Hurricane Katrina made landfall 65 miles southeast of New Orleans. Winds topping 100 miles per hour ripped across the city, while its outdated levee system suffered 53 breaches, slowly submerging three-quarters of the city.

08/29/2012 | Read Story »

2 New Orleans schools training students for burgeoning digital media field

At least two local colleges are preparing students to enter the digital media field as Louisiana draws more businesses that perform post-production work for the film and entertainment industry.

08/19/2012 | Read Story »

In New Orleans, A Flurry Of News Movement

It’s been stormy in New Orleans this month — a description you can use for what’s been happening in its news scene, too. After the shock in May over plans by the Newhouse family’s Advance Publications to cut the Times-Picayune’s print schedule to three days a week, New Orleanians launched a protest that is resulting in a flurry of movement on the news scene.

07/28/2012 | Read Story »

School lunch vendor plans Kenner facility, touts healthier options

Revolution Foods, an Oakland, Calif.-based school food and nutrition education company, will open a culinary center in Kenner, a move that education leaders hope infuses healthier food options into New Orleans-area school cafeterias.

08/01/2012 | Read Story »