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New Orleans was such a nice place to visit, we decided to live here

The recent announcement that New Orleans tourism posted its second-highest count of visitors on record in 2012 was unalloyed good news for the city and the people who love it. Reporter Mark Waller noted that 9.01 million tourists spent a record-setting $6 billion. According to the University of New Orleans, that’s the third year in a row tourist spending has set a new record. And the trend lines are all headed in the right direction.

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Business pitch contests booming in New Orleans, but they’re only an early step, experts say

The custom of holding business pitch contests, where entrepreneurs with ideas vie for prizes before audiences and panels of judges, seems to have reached mania levels in New Orleans. Eleven of them unfolded in and around the Entrepreneur Week business festival this month.

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As Mobile Games Soar, New Orleans Becomes a Player

The year is 2088, and your spaceship has just landed on the planet Mochwoi, which has an atmosphere similar to Earth’s but no intelligent life forms. The mission assigned to you by Galaxy Patrol: Investigate and colonize the planet.

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Fat City food truck festival approved for April 15

The Fat City food truck festival, a new effort to enliven Metairie’s former nightlife district, won approval Wednesday from the… Read More »

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IBM putting 800-job tech center in Baton Rouge

IBM expects to employ 800 people within four years at a service center to be built in Baton Rouge, Gov. Bobby Jindal and IBM Senior Vice President Colleen Arnold said. The center will develop and maintain software for U.S. clients.

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