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GNO, Inc. Shares Valuable Resource: Why New Orleans is Great Place to Live and Work

A document with a number of Statistics, Testimonials, Awards, and Rankings, or STARs, was released this morning from GNO, Inc.

01/30/2013 | Read Story »

N.O. business plan launched

Major national companies setting up shop in the metro New Orleans area is hardly news. Major national companies setting up shop in New Orleans proper? That’s a different story. It’s also what happened several times in 2012.

01/15/2013 | Read Story »

N.O. gets kudos for economic recovery

Forbes magazine calls Louisiana America’s new frontier for business opportunity. The New Orleans metro area is called number one in economic recovery in the country.

01/15/2013 | Read Story »

New Orleans needs new approach to water management

As fog blanketed New Orleans and rain threatened the day outside, the burning question in a Ritz Carlton hotel conference room Thursday morning was an old, persistent one: how to live in a 295-year-old, slowly-sinking city fully surrounded – and often inundated – by water.

01/10/2013 | Read Story »

Tax breaks position south La. for renewable diesel investment

Investment in biofuel production facilities in south Louisiana has ebbed and flowed as the future of federal tax credits that make the fuel more competitive have hung in limbo in recent years. But recently renewed incentives and heightened interest in a renewable fuel chemically similar to petroleum diesel have the potential to unlock a steadier stream of investment in coming years.

01/09/2013 | Read Story »

New Orleans topping lists for employment, entrepreneurship

Forbes Magazine recently called Louisiana “America’s new frontier for business opportunity,” and New Orleans has been raking in plenty of accolades of its own, in areas like entrepreneurship and employment.

01/08/2013 | Read Story »

11 States Get Failing Grades on Public School Policies From Advocacy Group

In just a few short years, state legislatures and education agencies across the country have sought to transform American public education by passing a series of laws and policies overhauling teacher tenure, introducing the use of standardized test scores in performance evaluations and expanding charter schools.

01/07/2013 | Read Story »

America’s New Frontier For Business Opportunity

They say that the view from the bottom is often the reason – the inspiration – for getting back up. For Louisiana, the view musthave been coming from very low ground and looked overwhelmingly bleak, because the state has made a dramatic economic transformation over the recent years, after decades of experiencing a great outward migration of its population due to a notoriously poor business climate.

01/03/2013 | Read Story »