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La. lawmakers urge Congress to delay flood insurance rate increases

NEW ORLEANS — Louisiana lawmakers are turning up the volume in their opposition to expensive changes to the National Flood… Read More »

10/23/2013 | Read Story »

Louisiana lawmakers look for ways to delay massive flood insurance hikes

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) — Rising flood insurance rates due to the National Flood Insurance Program reform, could soon have some… Read More »

10/23/2013 | Read Story »

Flood Insurance Jumping Sevenfold Depresses U.S. Home Values

Rangel Dockery and her husband bought a waterfront house in Florida four months ago, assuming their $2,000-a-year flood-insurance premium would remain about… Read More »

10/23/2013 | Read Story »

Economics panelists compare post-Katrina New Orleans and Europe

Speakers at an economics workshop at the University of New Orleans on Monday drew parallels between Europe and post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. The… Read More »

10/21/2013 | Read Story »

Louisiana legislature plans flood insurance meeting

BATON ROUGE — The Legislature’s insurance committees have scheduled a Wednesday meeting to discuss what can be done to help… Read More »

10/20/2013 | Read Story »

Delgado and GNO Inc. Partner with Regional Businesses to Host Technical Skills Expo

Today, Delgado Community College and GNO Inc. announce the success of a pilot Technical Skills Expo, which was sponsored by the two organizations and key industry partners.

10/15/2013 | Read Story »

Louisiana to sue over flood insurance reform

Louisiana plans to sue the federal government to delay or block potentially unaffordable price increases tied to reform of the National Flood Insurance Program.

10/11/2013 | Read Story »

The first NOLATech Week celebration of technology in New Orleans is unfolding across the city

The first-time NOLATech Week celebration of the technology industry in New Orleans is underway, having started Monday and continuing through Saturday. It consists of independently organized seminars and social events unfolding in venues across the city, touching on crowd-funding efforts for local enterprises, independent film-making, health care and biosciences efforts, game developing, education entrepreneurship and general discussions of the technology sector in New Orleans.

10/8/2013 | Read Story »